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This Beauty Site Was Created Just for Men

Pamper yourself, bro.
This Beauty Site Was Created Just for Men
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Pamper yourself, bro.

Surely, when you think about beauty and grooming, the ladies have an ample amount of resources to consult their concerns with. But it’s different for men. Unless you’re an insider, you wouldn’t have the faintest idea where to get the best pomade or beard oil. You’re probably even too shy to ask your girlfriend which sunscreen you should wear for everyday use.


This is exactly what founder David Yi is trying to address. Not everyone grew up in an environment like David’s who has been trained by his Korean parents to apply grooming creams to take care of his skin. And most men don’t work in the beauty and fashion industry where knowing where to get your brows groomed is common knowledge.

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So, after his stint writing for various publications like Mashable, WWD, and The Daily News, David launched his own site, Very Good Light, in an effort to create a space dedicated for men who are interested in personal care. With this site, he is essentially redefining masculinity and changing the landscape of beauty for men.

In an exclusive interview with Preview, David talks about his website’s philosophies and how it is about to transform the grooming arena for men.

1. Hi, David! Can you tell us about your publication?

"Very Good Light is a men's grooming and beauty publication geared towards Generation Z and young millennials. The site was born from the idea that confidence comes from the inside out. We believe that grooming is only a funnel to talk about masculinity while redefining men's standards of beauty. This comes in the form of first-person essays, how-to guides, product reviews, long form stories, and interviews with insiders about their own grooming secret and hacks."


2. What is the concept behind the name Very Good Light?

"Let's be real: We're all in search of that very good light for our selfies–whether that's from the sunlight or that swipe left Snapchat filter that gives you that perfect, dewy look–but what if we didn't need to rely on the elements or have to use Snapchat for us to feel and look our best because we had that confidence inside? When you find confidence, self-assurance, and acceptance, you'll never take a bad photograph ever again."


3. How is it different from other online sites that cater to the gents?

"Our site caters to Generation Z and it's about pushing culture forward. We have many amazing stories from this new generation, from Sikh American men and the politics of the turban, to a story coming out soon about what it means to be an American Muslim in a post-Trump fueled era. Our mission is clear: We want to empower guys to change the world and hopefully they'll find a safe space to be themselves at Very Good Light."



4. Can you describe the perfect Very Good Light reader?

"The perfect Very Good Light reader is someone who wants to empower themselves to change the world. He comes to learn about how he can become more confident in himself so that he can then help others to find their own very good light."

As of now, Very Good Light is being single-handedly run by David with some help from teen contributors and freelancers. The site is about to expand its operations soon, with plans of releasing content that includes tutorial videos, photo spreads, and even interviews with celebrities. And as David puts it, “We're on a one-way mission to truly change the conversation on masculinity.”

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