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The Scary Truth About Calorie Restricting Diets

And the regrets that come after.
The Scary Truth About Calorie Restricting Diets
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And the regrets that come after.

Articles about the extreme diets of celebrities are always good clickbait. Everyone always wants to know how so-and-so managed to get her Victoria's Secret body so they can do the same thing. Rarely do people look into the health risks of these diets though, because all the focus is on the end result, which by the way will always be temporary if achieved unhealthily.

Remember Jojo? In an interview with Popsugar, she revealed that her management when she was 18 wanted her to lose weight fast, so they had a nutritionist put her on supplements and injections that made her body need only 500 calories a day. (For reference, 500 calories is about five bananas.) And although it worked, she confessed that the extreme diet affected her self-esteem and overall mental health negatively. The album she was preparing for didn’t even come out. The aftermath? The singer was left in low spirits, gained all the weight back, and had a career with an uncertain future.

And this is not uncommon either. Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke revealed in another interview how she couldn't "eat anything that might taste good" while she was prepping for a movie, and the same thing happened to Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables. Hollywood sure loves promoting proper health and nutrition. Don't try those at home, kids.


Speaking of extreme diets, we’re sure you know about the reality TV show The Biggest Loser. Turns out, the show that’s trying to promote getting fit and healthy had the exact opposite effect on their contestants. Here’s a video about winner Danny Cahill talking about how he got metabolic damage and gained all the weight back after the show:

In short, we never really know the consequences of crash and calorie-restrictive diets until we’ve suffered the consequences. It’s trivial how we hear stories about celebrities developing eating disorders all the time, and yet a lot of us still choose to do the same things to ourselves so we can look a certain way.

On the bright side, we're lucky that health activists and fitness advocates all over the world are now spreading awareness on this issue, and all we have to do is listen. Because if anything is going to save us from this crash diet cycle, it's proper education.

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