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Here's Why Your Eyebrows Aren't Growing Back As Fast

Plus answers to your thin kilay woes.
Here's Why Your Eyebrows Aren't Growing Back As Fast Plus answers to your thin kilay woes.

Aiming to grow your eyebrows back but they simply won't cooperate? Here are four possible reasons your arches aren't growing lush as planned. 

1. Your pores are clogged.
Layers of heavy beauty products, like moisturizer and makeup, may be blocking your follicles' growth. Exfoliate the area weekly to remove dead skin. Let it breathe by skipping the area when you're putting on makeup or by using lightweight beauty products.

2. You may have dandruff on your brows. 
Contrary to popular belief that dandruff is only found on the scalp, your arches can fall victim under seborrheic dermatitis, too. This is a common skin disease that causes inflammation, which, in turn, may lead to hair loss. Combat this by washing your eyebrows with a tiny amount of dandruff shampoo—just be extra careful not to let the shampoo get into your eyes.

3. You are being impatient. 
Eyebrow hairs need a year or longer to really sprout back to their normal thickness. Refrain from tweezing them during this period and let them grow freely. You can also try brow growth serums to help accelarate hair growth.

4. Your brows may have developed a bald spot. 
Years of over-plucking, stress, or anemia can induce the condition alopecia areata or hair loss. If you are suffering from this condition, your dermatologist can suggest treatment plans to restore your arches.

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