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The Spa Fountain Of Youth Package

Style Bible's Nikki Santiago checks out The Spa's latest anti-ageing treatment.
The Spa Fountain Of Youth Package Style Bible's Nikki Santiago checks out The Spa's latest anti-ageing treatment.

TREATMENT: Fountain of Youth Package at The Spa

DURATION: About 2.5 hours

What is it?

 The Fountain of Youth Package is an anti-ageing treatment made up of two parts: the Age Defense Treatment (facial) and the Toning Bamboo Revival (scrub and massage). It promises “refreshed skin, [a] youthful glow and renewed spirit.”

The Age Defense Treatment

This facial treatment helps improve skin elasticity, increase oxygenation, counteract sun damage and deliver ultimate hydration. It uses Myoxy Caviar that replenishes vital skin constituents; Pearl Powder Extract to increase hydration and protect the skin’s immune system; and Escutox that zeroes in on wrinkles.

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Toning Bamboo Revival

This treatment is a combination of scrub and massage, designed to rebalance the inner vital energy on both physical and mental levels. The first part of the treatment is the application of the Anti-Cellulite Spice powder and Holistic Gel mixture that has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The second step involves the use of Chinese Bamboo stalks combined with a Floral Balm for optimal gliding, also with anti-oxidant, as well as, reducing, re-firming, and moisturizing properties. Bamboo canes work by stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems, aiding in the elimination of toxins from the body, enhancing anti-cellulite treatments and relieving circulatory disorders.


P3900 for an Executive Room

P4800 for a Suite or Villa


Overall, the treatment was relaxing.

I started with the body scrub, which initially gave me chills (The mixture was cold!) and I found the “scrubbing” itself a bit uncomfortable, as I always do each time I book a scrub. But eventually, I eased up as soon as they wrapped me up like a cocoon—the best part for me. And in a matter of minutes, I dozed off. I loved that my skin was so soft and smooth after the shower. Even days after, I still enjoyed the immediate effects of the scrub.


The massage followed shortly. I was actually expecting it to hurt, thinking the bamboo stalks would be too hard and painful against my muscles and bones. However, they came in different lengths and diameters to conform to my body’s contours. The rolling and sliding movements were lightly done; it was very calming I couldn’t help drifting into sleep once more.  Though, if my cellulite diminished somehow, I really couldn't tell; perhaps it would require more than one session.

The final treatment was a facial that instantly gave me a refreshed feeling. Admittedly, I seldom get a facial as I find myself uneasy about having my face touched. I particularly enjoyed this one. What I liked most about it is not having that sticky, oily feeling after. My skin also felt hydrated and firmer.

I feel, though, one must have it more than once to really feel and see the resultsof what the treatments promise. Nevertheless, the whole experience was wonderful. After all, I knew I was getting more than just a massage.


I would definitely recommend this package to anyone feeling the need for total relaxation.

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