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The Smoothie Recipe to Get Anne Curtis' Abs

Goodbye bloating!
The Smoothie Recipe to Get Anne Curtis' Abs Goodbye bloating!

There are still a couple of long weekends left to squeeze in a beach getaway before the holiday season rolls out full swing. If you’re planning to flaunt your hot bod for that, make sure you don’t have the flabs. Here’s a quick and easy smoothie recipe using Vita Coco and some of our favorite fruits and veggies, concocted by no other than US-certified nutritionist Nadine Tengco who helped Anne Curtis get that covetable six-pack.

Everyone knows that you can’t go wrong with coconut water, so blend away!


The Nut-Bloated

An anti-bloat smoothie that will guarantee a lighter stride


1 liter Vita Coco

½ cup chopped sayote

½ cup chopped fresh pineapple

¼ cup peppermint

2 tbsps flat parsley

3 sachets stevia


Blend all ingredients at high speed until the mixture becomes smooth, then scoop out the froth. If desired, strain in a nut-milk bag or sieve for a smoother consistency.

For more guiltless smoothie recipes, download our October issue here.

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