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The Secret to Kathryn Bernardo's Rosy Glow

This girl is pure #BeautyGoals.
The Secret to Kathryn Bernardo's Rosy Glow

With environmental stressors wreaking havoc on our skin, a good skin care regimen has to work double time to compensate. When you don’t protect your skin properly, the harsh sun can cause pigmentation, or hard-to-remove dark spots, to show up on your skin. And don't get us started on pollution! Toxins in the air can cause skin sensitivity, making your skin more succeptible to damage and can result in dull, dry skin. 

So even if all of this is at play, how does the Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo keep her skin looking flawless despite her hectic work days in and out of the sun? Well, a good skin care routine is one way, and it's a good thing she's enlisted the help of the Pond's White Beauty line to help her out. With an all-star lineup, Pond’s White Beauty gives you a rosy white glow – in only two steps! Start with Pond’s White Beauty Facial Foam, which cleanses deeply to reduce dullness while boosting your skin’s radiance. Finish with Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream, with Vitamin B3+ and SPF. It works deep inside your skin to whiten from within, and protects your skin from further sun damage with its UV filters.

Welcome to the Pond's family, Kathryn! 

Photos from Kathryn Bernardo's Instagram @bernardokath

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