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For the Boys: What's the Right Type of Facial Wash for Your Face?

Washing your face is one thing, choosing the right product is another.
For the Boys: What's the Right Type of Facial Wash for Your Face? Washing your face is one thing, choosing the right product is another.

Sure, you know that washing your face daily is important for avoiding things like clogged pores and pimples. But before you reach for that facial wash, know also this: There are different kinds of facial wash made for different types of skin, from normal to dry and sensitive to oily. Let this be your guide!



Clinique For Men Face Scrub, Rustan’s

For normal skin: Everything is pretty consistent never too dry, never too greasy. This skin type also has a nice amount of moisture and rarely experiences pimple breakouts.

Your kind of facial wash: In order to maintain healthy, glowing skin, you need to remove old, dead skin cells. Use a facial wash that has microbeads for thorough but gentle scrubbing.


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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, Watson’s

For sensitive skin: This is the most delicate skin type and requires special care. It reacts to more irritants, from dust particles to various types of liquids and even to gentle poking.

Your kind of facial wash: If your skin is sensitive, you should be especially careful when selecting a facial wash. Even those labeled as "hypoallergenic" can still have potentially irritating ingredients.



SK-II Moisturizing Cleanser, P2982, Sephora

For dry skin: This type of skin is often flaky, and feels tight and dry because it lacks moisture. It's also more prone to wrinkles and irritation.

Your kind of facial wash: Dermatologist Andrea Lynn Cambio tells that "gentle soaps that are free of fragrance are a great option" for dry skin. She further explains that products with deodorizing agents or antibacterial additives can do harm on dry skin.


Kiehl’s Men's Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash, Kiehl’s

For oily skin: This skin type is not beso-friendly for obvious, glossy reasons. It feels smooth (sometimes slippery) to the touch because of the presence of more oil.

Your kind of facial wash: Use products that are oil-free. Also, beware of ingredients such as glycel tirbehenate, lard, lanolin, carnauba, ozokerite, petrolatum, squalene, and diglycerides. The book Face by dermatologic surgeon Barney Kennet says that these ingredients can worsen your skin’s condition.



L’Occitane Cédrat Pure Cleanser, P1100, L’Occitane

For combination skin: Usually, your cheeks are dry, but your T-zone is oily.

Your kind of face wash: For combination skin, stick to gentle cleansers. Dr. Linda Franks, director of Gramercy Park Dermatology, recommends: "Do not use a medicated cleanser at all and keep it mild." She says washing your face once a day is enough "unless you have significant oil in some parts of your face."

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