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The Only Hairstyle that Works For Every Girl

These ladies have been raving about it.
The Only Hairstyle that Works For Every Girl

If you're ever wondering about that one hairstyle that's versatile enough to fit any type of girl—regardless of face shape, height, weight or personal style, or whatever kind of lifestyle you lead, then look no further. We wager that the voluminous hair look is the most universally flattering style out there, if only because it's able to upgrade any girl's entire look, no matter how busy or hectic her day is. 

So the next time you're in a dilemma as to which hair trick to pull out of the bag, just remember how voluminous hair is the best and most error-proof way to go. We found three girls who rocked different kinds of va-va-volume hairstyles, and discovered their common haircare secret.

See what these girls have to say: 

Sara Black, Photographer 

"In fairness @Dove_Ph, your new product Dove Oxygen & Nourishment, does give volume. No blow dry!"

Get Sara's no blow-dry volume hair:

After using Dove Oxygen & Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner, you'll notice added volume to your hair, maintain this by drying your locks with a towel. Then try switching your hair part to add more texture. Especially effective when you always part your hair in the center, changing your hair part to one that skews more to either left or right would lift the shape of your hair. 

Pau Alberto, Blogger

“My hair on a daily basis. Thanks to Dove Oxygen & Nourishment ."

Rock luxurious volume just like Pau’s

Use the Dove Oxygen & Nourishment system (Shampoo, Conditioner, and Root Lift Spray) to instantly give your hair a lift. Then blow dry from the flip side—that is, bend your head down and blow dry your hair from the back, as it expands your hair's fullness. 


Amy Ahomiro, Volleyball Player  

"New found confidence with my newly endowed volumized hair!" 

Like Amy, achieve beach waves with just the right amount of volume:

Beach waves look best when you have volumized hair. To get this, shampoo with Dove Oxygen & Nourishment, then towel-dry it afterwards. Braid your thoroughly towel-dried hair into two full parts, and leave it overnight. Then let each section loose while separating braids with only your fingers—this will reveal wavy hair with just the right amount of bend and volume. 

These girls' hair secret? None other than Dove's Oxygen and Nourishment with Oxyfusion technology that gently cleans and nourishes hair, getting rid of elements that weight it down. The result is nourished hair + up to 95% more volumized hair!

Want to see more stories of voluminous, beautiful hair care of Dove? Click on the #DoveSpeaksVolume hashtag on Instagram. Post your own volume hair picture with the hashtag, too! 

 Photos taken from @seesarablack, @paualberto, and @amyahomiro on Instagram.

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