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Why the New Face of DKNY Is Our Current Girl Crush

Introducing Abbey Lee.
Why the New Face of DKNY Is Our Current Girl Crush Introducing Abbey Lee.

When it comes to models that go beyond catwalks and print campaigns, it’s usually the Caras and Kendalls of the world who score the part. But in some cases, beauty giants also choose to introduce new faces. Case in point: the new face of DKNY’s Be Delicious campaign, Abbey Lee. While some of you might remember her for her role in Mad Max: Fury Road, there's more to her than meets the eye. Here's a snappy Q&A along with 5 reasons as to why you ought to watch out for this 27-year old Aussie.

#1- She’s a little bit of Cara and a little bit of Miley. She can be sassy, sultry, and sweet when the camera wants her to. But off-cam, she’s just as crazy and carefree as the rest of us.

Tell us something that people probably don’t know about you.

"I do a fabulous Cher impersonation."



#2- She’s got a wicked sense of humor. Her IG posts are hilarious! They’re uncensored and as real as they can get.

What are three things you find delicious?

"Red wine. And I’m not too shy to say - expensive bed sheets and new underwear are pretty delicious, too."


#3- Her off-duty look really looks like she’s off duty. Don’t we all wish we could just step out of the house in sweatpants and slippers without being judged?

Do you have any fashion obsessions?

"I am completely obsessed with the '90s aesthetic, but maybe I am biased."


#4- She hangs out with rock stars.

Who is your style icon?

"Courtney Love."


#5- Despite the craziness, you know that deep down she’s got a tender, loving heart. Scroll through her feed and you’ll see all those cute posts with her baby nephew. Aww!

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What does NYC represent to you?

"I’ve lived in New York now for eight years. I’ve been told that means I’m two years away from being a real New Yorker! It’s sort of the first place that actually felt like home to me. I think it’s because you can feel independent but never lonely. There is such a high energy buzzing around the city. It represents freedom. And I love that there is always someone weirder than you in New York!"

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