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The Most Flattering Hair Colors for Morenas to Try This Summer (2019 Update)

Straight from Gabbi Garcia’s go-to hairstylist!
The Most Flattering Hair Colors for Morenas to Try This Summer (2019 Update)
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/markanthonyrosales
Straight from Gabbi Garcia’s go-to hairstylist!

Thinking of switching up your ‘do with a fresh new hair color this summer? If you're not sure which one would go best with your beautiful golden skin, worry no more because we’re taking the guesswork out of your decision-making process. We asked Mark Rosales, celebrity hairstylist to morena beauties like Gabbi Garcia, Juliana Gomez, and WynWyn Marquez, about the best hair colors that would flatter a sun-kissed glow! Read on below and find out which shade is perfect for you.

If you just want a subtle change: Chocolate Brown

Mocha browns and chocolate browns work well with morena skin because the color helps highlight your natural tan with total ease. Plus, it’s easier to maintain the color and vibrancy of brown shades, too.

If you're up for something different: Auburn Red

If using the exact lip products Cheryl Blossom uses on Riverdale is still not enough to help you channel the feisty River Vixen in you, then perhaps what you need is a redhead makeover that's bold but still wearable. Auburn red not only looks good on warmer skin tones; it also "enhances your natural glow, making your skin look healthy and radiant," says Mark.


If you want to highlight your tan: Light Ash Blonde

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A light blonde color in ashy tones can brighten morena skin. It's a versatile and wearable choice that will also serve as a flattering contrast to your golden glow.

If you're feeling adventurous: Purple

Up for a bold choice of color for your hair makeover? Why not try a strong shade of purple? Before you get intimidated with the unusual choice of color, hear us out! There are certain shades of purple that are surprisingly wearable. And not only does it complement your golden skin, according to Mark, purple also creates an illusion of the sun shining down on the hair, making it look shinier and healthier.

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