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The Most Flattering Contour and Highlight Shades, According to Your Undertone

There’s more to a shade than meets the eye.
The Most Flattering Contour and Highlight Shades, According to Your Undertone

If you’re into sculpting your face, you’ve come to the right place. We believe makeup is for all, and knowing the shades that suit you perfectly will give your #beatface better mileage. You may know how to contour, but do you know what neutral hues go well with your skin?

Below, we guide you through the oft-used beauty term “undertone,” since knowing your undertone makes finding your base makeup, highlight, and contour way easier.


Having a cool tone means your skin has bluish or rosy undertones to it. For sure you have a cool undertone if the veins in your wrists have a blue tinge to them. You don’t tan easily, and silver jewelry flatters your skin better than gold. If you’re using contouring makeup, try to stick to cool or gray-toned browns rather than true warm browns, so your makeup blends better with your natural hue. For a natural looking highlight, try light pink shades to brighten up the highpoints of your face. 


If you have golden or yellow undertones, or look best in colors like red and orange, you’re warm-toned. When choosing sculpting makeup, you can go for a cool-toned contour color to carve out your face. You can lightly blend this shade around the perimeter of your face for a subtle contour. Using a light yellow highlighter will brighten the center of your face and keep it from looking sallow. It's also great for brightening your undereyes.


Having a neutral undertone means you’re as close as possible to a true beige or true flesh tone. Some people who look both cool- and warm-toned may fit into the neutral category; their skin looks olive, and possibly with a green undertone. Consider yourself lucky if you’re neutral-skinned, because you can play around a bit more than others: Dust some bronzer for a warm, sun-kissed look, or gray-browns for a more subtle sculpt. Mix together warm- and cool-toned highlighters for a bright and radiant finish.

If you tan often, or are just not sure about your actual tone and would like to take the trial-and-error route instead, try the EB Advance Contour Palette, which contains contouring and highlighting makeup for all tones. Each shade is very pigmented, and you need a light hand when blending out the powders. You can use the light-hued powders for a subtle matte highlight, or play with the cool-toned browns for a subtle or intense sculpt. It has all the shades you'll need, so choosing becomes fun and easy.

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