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The Morena’s Guide to Wearing Trendy Hair Color

New year, new hair.
The Morena’s Guide to Wearing Trendy Hair Color
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New year, new hair.

I feel you, oh fellow dusky lady. It’s hard enough as it is to find The One hair color-wise, what more when your skintone isn't the same as your Hollywood spirit animal? We’re here to help you on this journey of dye-scovery, but before everything we request one thing: Forget everything you thought you knew about hair color. Times have changed, and so have hair dye formulas. What you thought you could never pull off just might be the perfect hue for you. So step into our office and prepare to change your life. (Or look. Which is pretty much the same.) 


If you’re feeling adventurous, but not too adventurous

Let go of that misconception that morenas can only wear basic warm browns. Since all hair colors fade, these tend to turn brassy against our already yellow-undertoned skin because they began in that tone already. Try a dark ash brown for a change—don’t go light as it may wash out your tawny color.

If you want to go wild...

Forget the fallacy that we can’t wear unusual color. Here’s what you should remember—jewel tones work best on deep, warm skin. Say, purple, a cool red, even dark blue! Contrary to popular belief, a cool jewel shade provides great contrast against morena skin, and our coloring makes the unusual shade creamier in turn. 

Pegs, pegs, pegs!

Like all artists, colorists are visually driven. So bring a picture—one of what you want, and one of what you don’t want (more on that later) so you can avoid it from the start. Here’s a tip though, while you may love that shade of pink on Irene Kim, she has a totally different skintone from you so it will not come out the same. Try looking for celebs who match your skin color—plus points if you match the face shape, too, in case you’re getting a cut as well. 

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Maintenance is key

With all standout hair colors, you need to strip the original color to an extent. This means underneath your exciting new color, is a blonde that’s waiting to reveal itself all brassy after your hue has faded or washed out. That said, purple shampoo and conditioner will be your best friend. These contain an amount of purple dye enough to dial down all orange tones in your tresses—take note, especially if you have pastel or jewel shades dyed in, as these fade fast. 

Pro tip: Leave the conditioner in (try Beach Born’s Classy Not Brassy Purple Conditioner, P350/250ml, while you’re doing your weekend binge watching before you wash to totally remove all brassiness. 

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