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The Many Times Heart Evangelista Inspired Us With Her Art

Her transformation from actress to artist is so inspiring.
The Many Times Heart Evangelista Inspired Us With Her Art

Heart Evangelista is a woman of many talents. Her passions have turned her into a modern renaissance woman through the years. But to get to where she is now, she had to mix talent with both discipline and hard work. Here are the reasons why she should be your #lifepeg and #lifeinspo.

1. She's no stranger to adversity.

Heart has had her share of struggles, but she continues to overcome them with poise and class. She started with small roles and slowly rose to fame, becoming a sought-after teen idol, before becoming a premiere actress. Heart makes it a point to take on new roles that constantly challenge her.

2. She follows her passions.

What used to be a hobby turned into something more, and now Heart is receiving worldwide attention for her work. She has proven that she can pursue art as a career and not just something to pass the time.

3. She turns criticism into an inspiration.

Heart's decision to pursue art was met with criticism online. But instead of getting discouraged, she pushed herself further and strived to become better at her craft. Her paintings have grown by complexity and composition, thanks to her unwavering perseverance.

4. She's not afraid to show vulnerability.

A strong and empowered woman isn't afraid to show who she is deep inside. Heart likes to express herself through her paintings—a practice that takes real courage and acceptance.

5. She always finds a way to reinvent herself.

A showbiz veteran of 19 years, Heart knows a thing or two about reinventing one's self, and her successful transition from actress to artist proves just that. Watch the video below to see her transformation.

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