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The Lowdown on Dietary Supplements

Is prevention really better than cure?
The Lowdown on Dietary Supplements Is prevention really better than cure?

In recent years, the practice of being healthy has boomed. Aided by sweaty Instagram posts, leafy food porn Twitpics, and fad diets like juicing, the old adage “health is wealth” is definitely into full swing.

With this new health craze comes a boom in the vitamins and supplements industry. Garnering P18.7 billion annually from sales, this biz is no doubt gaining popularity. But is being healthy really as simple as popping a pill?


The science of dietary supplements (image via Rafe Swan | Cultura)

Examples of this are ampalaya pills known to manage diabetes and malunggay that helps detoxify. But despite touting miracle claims, Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go of the Department of Health warns consumers, “These were granted market authorization as food products and not as medicine.” He adds:

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“These food supplements are not intended to treat, diagnose, nor cure diseases.”

Making time to whip up delicious and nutritious meals isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a busy gal with a lot on your plate. Instead, taking dietary supplements is a quick and convenient way to inject the much-needed nutrients into your system—and it’s really helpful, yes. But just like conventional medicines, these may also cause unknown side effects especially when taken without your health care provider’s approval.

So folks, let it be known: everything has its risks. Apparently, so does trying to be healthy. Always consult your doctor first before introducing a dietary supplement into your routine!


(Main image: David Malan | Photographer's Choice)

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