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A Lazy Girl's Guide to Staying Fit Without Working Out

It's super easy, you won't believe it!
A Lazy Girl's Guide to Staying Fit Without Working Out
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It's super easy, you won't believe it!

Aside from the obvious health benefits of working out, only a true lover of fashion would be willing to sweat so unfabulously for the sole purpose of fitting into a designer dress that’s 75% off. Because really, who wants to FOMO on a sample sale? And if you think liquifying your OOTDs before uploading them (yes, we know) will do the trick, think again. The eye can spot a lie! The best part about staying in shape is finally becoming the summer girl you’ve always wanted to be. But if you're allergic to words like exercise and work out, then here's a quick guide that will let you stay fit without sweating. Read on!

Style Hacks

Let your sartorial skills shine through and show off your styling prowess to nip and tuck your body.

Added height

Wearing high heels helps tone your calves and makes you look longer and leaner.


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Second skin

Body-slimming undergarments tuck in your tummy and other problem areas while giving you the shape you need.

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Fool the eye

Vertical lines create an illusion of slenderness, so use them to your advantage.

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Black is beautiful

Nothing is more slimming than black. Don’t forget to play with textures for a non-boring ensemble.


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Buckle up

Cinch the waist of a loose outfit to define your curves.

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Daily Circuit

No time for the gym? Here’s how you can burn those cals with your everyday activities:

5 minutes

Dancing to Justin Bieber’s new song can burn up to 29 calories. We are sooo not sorry.


10 minutes

Driving for a few minutes can actually help you lose 24 calories. Just be wary of the traffic!   

15 minutes

Walking around the mall with a pace of 4 mph can burn up to 59 calories. Shopping is optional. Don’t let us stop you. 

30 minutes

Your weekly trip to the supermarket can burn at least 105 calories—provided you don’t snack inside the store. 

60 minutes

A good moppin’ and scrubbin’  can burn at least 330 calories per hour. Plus points for having a much cleaner house, too.

After Hours

If you're out late with friends or date night, learn these skinny drinks by heart:


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1.  A glass of red wine - 115 calories

2. Champagne/ sparkling wine - 90 calories per 4-oz. flute

3. A bottle of Guinness - 126 calories

4. Ultra-light beer - 55 calories per 12-oz. serving

5. Mojito - 115 to 130 calories

*This article originally appeared in Preview Magazine's February 2016 issue.

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