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The Key To Finding The Right Eye Liner

Is all in the oil!
The Key To Finding The Right Eye Liner Is all in the oil!

Yup, all along it was never about using the priciest or most popular, the trick is to check if you have oily lids. Determining the overall oil level of your face is crucial in not just finding the right eye liner, but also with all other makeup essentials. Skip the hassle of retouching and keep your winged tips from melting down to your cheeks, or worse, your under eyes, even before you get to your date or meeting by keeping these two things in mind: One, if you have dry lids, oil based pencils and cream liners are good for you. Two, if your lids tend to get soppy because of oil, you will benefit more from gel liners, liquid, or cake liners. Make sure they are water-based! It's actually pretty easy, simply think the opposite.

From now on, be conscious of your liner’s base ingredients and don’t be shy to ask the salesladies just to be sure. It is the key to getting that sexy smolder, you know. For now, click on the gallery to see some pencil, cream, liquid, and gel liners in a bunch of hues you can choose from.