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The Inside Story Of Toni Gonzaga, Heart Evangelista, And Julia Barretto

Get to know the stories behind these Pond's beauties and more.
The Inside Story Of Toni Gonzaga, Heart Evangelista, And Julia Barretto Get to know the stories behind these Pond's beauties and more.

Behind every pretty girl is a beautiful story--that's what we learned from Pond's. Last Thursday, we were introduced to the 17 women who have realized, through their respective experiences, that being beautiful is more than just having great skin or the best features. This year, the brand's goal is to get their #beautifulstories out there to inspire more girls to take care of themselves. To learn that true beauty is not found, based, nor is measured on how young you are, how white your complexion is, or how many people take notice, but is rather revealed upon one's self actualization. Everyone knows that confident, happy, and positive women are the prettiest, and we totally agree. 

Learn more about the most celebrated women in the country as they share with us a gist of their #beautifulstory below. 


The newest addition to Pond's lineup said that it has always been a dream of her to become a Pond's girl. Now that she has finally achieved that dream, here's what she has to say. 


At the time Heart's career was launched, mestizas reigned over chinitas. The young teen wanted to fit in so bad, but little did she know that it was her unique features that would make people take notice. 


A celebrity royalty indeed, all the young Julia Barretto wants, is to show that she can shine because of what she has to offer and not because of her renowned last name. 


No one can deny that Jasmine's sister is at the top of her game. But Jasmine is slowly but surely proving to all that she is a woman who can make it in this business through her own talent and beauty. 


From super models to super moms to being legit super women, Tweetie and Apples are clear examples of how one can age gracefully. If aging looks like this, there's clearly nothing to be scared about. 



Preview's beauty girl, Agoo, is naturally drawn to anything and everything makeup. But if there was something she learned from all those years, it's that the true beauty has nothing to do with how much product you put in your face. 


Mom of three of the most adorable kids we've seen in awhile, Cheska is proving wrong everyone who said that motherhood takes away ones youth physically. 


The whole country celebrated Charlene at the peak of her career, but after that, her poise, elegance, and overall beauty only multiplied as she aged. The peak of your career doesn't have to be the peak of your beauty. 


From the girl who was teased at school, to becoming one of the most in demand bloggers in the country, Laureen continues to shine. 

Listen to their beautiful stories as well as that of Kelly Misa, Kryz Uy, Patricia Preito, Tricia Gosingtian, Nicole Andersson, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, and Hindy Weber Tantoco  by logging on to