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UAAP's Hottest Female Athletes Reveal Their Cheat Day Faves

It doesn't matter whether you're for green, blue, yellow, or maroon.
UAAP's Hottest Female Athletes Reveal Their Cheat Day Faves It doesn't matter whether you're for green, blue, yellow, or maroon.

There’s no denying that athletes are celebrities. What started with the men’s basketball players getting a lot of airtime with magazine covers and endorsements has now trickled into the lovely UAAP ladies (even the courtside reporters) who are now getting the traction they deserve. All eyes are on these smart and pretty female athletes, and with slammin’ bods like theirs, we wondered: Do they permit themselves to indulge in a cheat day or two in between tedious training? The answer: Yes, of course!

It doesn’t matter what school you’re from, because when it comes to food, we all have to agree that a cheat day is necessary for sanity.

Below, past and present collegiate stars spill what they eat on these cheat days.

 "I love chocolate cake kasi I'm dark and sweet? Haha!" - Alyssa Valdez, ADMU Volleyball

“I love eating chocolates, cakes, and ice cream. Usually, after practice, I eat my recovery meal then get dessert. Just last weekend my friends and I went out of town and we had pizza, nachos, and grilled porkchop. Basically, on cheat days, I eat sweets.” – Mika Reyes, DLSU Volleyball

“Every day is cheat day! Hahaha! But I like to eat Potato Corner, almond-flavored Magnum ice cream, and Peach Mango Pie.” - Trina Guytingco, ADMU Basketball

“On cheat days, I usually eat chocolate, junk food, and red wine. Upper! But only in small quantities. I never go overboard. I do it in such a way that I can easily bounce back to the light. Hahaha!” Gretchen Ho, ADMU Volleyball

“I feel like every day is a cheat day. Haha! I eat whatever I want as long as there are vegetables on the side. It's a must for me to eat at least three meals a day. I usually crave ice cream and pizza with lots of cheese on it!” – Wensh Tiu, DLSU Volleyball



“I love ice cream but to make it seem like less of a cheat, I add banana and make it into a banana split. At least may fruits 'di ba?” – Amy Ahomiro, ADMU Volleyball

“I can't tell because every day is like a cheat day for me. I never control what I eat. I even eat a lot of sweets!”- Jessey de Leon, UST Volleyball

“Chocolates and candies!” -Maureen Schrijvers, DLSU Track & Field

“I’d go to Din Tau Fung, Sambokojin, or Bagneto for cheat days.” – Denise Lazaro, ADMU Volleyball

“Buffets! Everything’s there! Meat, soup, rice, bread, dessert, and lots of chocolates—specifically Yan Yan and Twix!” – Melissa Gohing, DLSU Volleyball

“Food really makes me happy. On a cheat day (which I think is too often, so I think I really have to discipline myself well and regulate my sugar intake), I satisfy my fast food cravings and my other not so healthy cravings. [I mean] sweets, since I don't really drink soda.” – May Mae Tajima, ADMU Volleyball

“I always love eating the healthier cheat snacks or really gourmet quality food—like the best of the best cookies, pasta, carbs!”- Katarina Rodriguez, DLSU Track & Field

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