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5 Health Tests You Should Be Spending Your Christmas Bonus On

Health is (more important than) wealth.
5 Health Tests You Should Be Spending Your Christmas Bonus On
Health is (more important than) wealth.

If you're willing to invest on statement pieces for your wardrobe, there's no reason for you to skimp on checkups. Besides, visiting your doctor once a year for a routinary checkup can save you more money in the future! Here, we have a short list of tests that you should prioritize to keep your health in check:

1. Mammogram

The best way to prevent breast cancer is early detection. And to make sure that you're cancer-free, inspect your breasts for lumps regularly and invest in X-rays and ultrasounds. The mammogram, for example, detects tumors with a thorough breast X-ray. It's recommended to have one every year.

2. Pelvic Exam

Undergoing a pelvic exam will have your doctor check the reproductive organs for any abnormalities. Anyone over 21 and sexually active is recommended to have this exam every three years or so.

3. Pap Smear

Like breast cancer, cervical cancer is achingly common among women. Therefore, getting tested for its symptoms every three years through a pap smear is not too much compared to the risk of suffering from the disease.


4. Blood Chemistry Test

Moving on from the reproductive system, it's also important for women to check their other organ functions. Blood chemistry tests check the substances in your blood to see if you have healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. They also check the state of your liver and kidney functions.

5. Thyroid Test

Thyroid complications are not too common for young people, but it's better to be safe than sorry. In fact, Gigi Hadid suffers from Hashimoto's disease, proving that such complications don't choose their victims. Ask your doctor about other symptoms if you experience the common ones like fatigue, brittle nails, and weight gain.

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