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The Hangover Look Is Apparently a Beauty Trend, and It's Totally Adorable!

Nope, no alcohol required here.
The Hangover Look Is Apparently a Beauty Trend, and It's Totally Adorable!
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Nope, no alcohol required here.

So many makeup tutorials online are dedicated to helping hungover people look like they aren’t. They introduce the power of undereye concealers, correctors, and the whole shebang. Anything that can delete evidence from the night before is welcome. But, this Japanese beauty trend has different plans. Introducing, Igari makeup.

Igari makeup is typically dubbed as “hangover makeup” in English, but there’s more to it. This makeup style focuses on making the face look as innocent as possible, with clean and natural-looking skin as your base devoid of dark circles. It aims to achieve a flushed look that a lot of Japanese people get when they start drinking (also called the Asian Flush in other countries), so blush is applied directly under the eye area or your inner cheeks instead of the apples. People have been calling Igari makeup “sick makeup,” too, because you recreate the redness that you would normally want to eliminate when you’re sick.


This look was already big in Japan last year, but it was only until K-pop stars and beauty bloggers started wearing it again that it made a solid comeback.

Here's Yeri from K-pop girl group Red Velvet sporting the Igari look in their music video for Dumb Dumb.

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And solo act IU going a little more subtle in her 23 music video.


Adorable, right? Now let YouTuber HelloRabbit walk you through on how to achieve this perfectly flushed, innocent look.

Who knew looking sick and hungover could be this cute?

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