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The Hack to Applying the Perfect Amount of Serum Every Time

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The Hack to Applying the Perfect Amount of Serum Every Time
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As a concentrated product used to address certain skin concerns (like hydration, fine lines and dark spots), serum is a pretty important factor in our skin care routines. To fully reap the benefits of this product, a sufficient amount is required. But getting to that amount, we must admit, comes with a bit of trial and error. 

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But ask the internet and you shall receive. After coming across this video featuring celebrity facialist Gina Mari, we learned that her simple hack for applying serum allows you to use the perfect amount every single time. Just dispense a drop of product onto each of your fingertips, press them together and, finally, gently press the product onto your skin. It's the perfect way to inject a little bit of spa-like pampering into your nighttime routine. 

Watch the video below for more skin care application tips! 


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