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The Countdown To Laboracay Begins

The Countdown To Laboracay Begins With just a month left before one of the most anticipated summer events, we give you tips on how to get your body and mind ready.

It all started with newly employed peeps realizing that the term summer vacation doesn’t exist in world of grown-ups. For the working class, Labor Day is a (sort of) sacred day dedicated to celebrate the fact that they are, well, employed.  Since then, it has been a tradition to go somewhere, anywhere, when the calendar hits the month of May. And with Boracay, having one of the best beaches in the country, not to mention it being a favorite party destination, it was the perfect spot to host an annual event. From there, people just spiraled in year after year and exploded into what we now call, Laboracay.



If you ask us, eating healthy and exercising are some of the habits you should set about throughout the whole year. But if a trip to Boracay with your friends is your type of motivation, then that’s fine, too.With exactly a month away before the parties start, we suggest you read on (especially if you haven’t done anything to prepare for it yet) to see how you can get your body and mind ready.

Here, we've done the first half of the leg work for you in bullet points. All that's left is for you to choose and commit to it. Go on, the clock is ticking!


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  • Eating and drinking healthy goes hand in hand with exercise. Beat the bloat by trying out detox programs you can either do monthly or just right before going to the beach.
  • If you’re saving and would prefer something you can do at home, here’s a recipe for an easy-to-make anti-bloat cocktail
  • All the options you have above are within your grasp should you wish to lead a healthier lifestyle.  If a summer adventure is not enough to get your butts moving, then maybe our Kidney feature ,which summarizes it all,  is what you need to read. 

Don't forget, the clock is ticking!

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