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This New, Non-Sticky Lotion Absorbs in Just 15 Seconds

Perfect for the tropics!
This New, Non-Sticky Lotion Absorbs in Just 15 Seconds
IMAGE The Body Shop
Perfect for the tropics!

When was the last time you actually looked forward to moisturizing your body before stepping out into the face-melting heat outside? I mean, with sunscreen and moisturizer already on your face–one can only take so much moisture. Plus, it’s a huge bother to have to wait for your lotion to dry before putting your clothes on, lest you suffer that weird, damp feeling you get when you dress right away after applying a body moisturizer.

What if we told you that you don’t have to compromise between hydrating and living your life? The Body Shop has got your back, girl. They came up with this magical hydrator called The Body Yogurt–and it absorbs in just 15 seconds. You read that right–and here are a number of other things we love about this fresh moisturizer. 


IMAGE The Body Shop

THE BODY SHOP The Body Yogurt, P750/200ml, SM Megamall

15 – the number of seconds between application and you getting into those jeans. 

86% - the number of women in their study that agree, the texture is absolutely non-sticky!

2 – of our favorite no-nonsense hydrating ingredients are in it: biofermented hyaluronic acid and almond milk extracts. 

100% - the lightweight yogurts are 100% vegan, made with almond milk and fruit extracts and no animal byproducts. 

0 – paraffin and mineral oil. Rest assured that it has no heavy and harmful ingredients.

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