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The Beauty Regimen You Need When You’re in Your 50s

Age with grace.
The Beauty Regimen You Need When You’re in Your 50s
Age with grace.

At this age group, your body is preparing itself to go into menopause. And while that may be a relief for most women, your skin will also gradually slow down in developing estrogen. Estrogen helps in skin cell production, protecting the skin from dullness and dehydration. In essence, the skin loses its barriers against wrinkling and aging. And so, as this point, this is where you focus your skin regimen on two important things: reviving the natural skin glow and fighting the development of paper thin skin texture.

Set up a skin barrier.

As mentioned, estrogen plummets as you enter the 50s age group. You have to help your skin by letting it absorb moisturizers with natural lipids like ceramides.


IMAGE Elizabeth Arden


Elizabeth Arden Ceramide lift and firm day lotion broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30, Rustan's

Oil it up!

Switch your whole skin care products with oil-based ingredients especially if you have sensitive skin. Oil doesn’t sting or burn, which you are both susceptible to as your skin becomes naturally thinner and more prone to pigmentation.

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IMAGE Estee Lauder


Estee Lauder Advanced night repairintensive recovery ampoules, Rustan's

Exfoliate gently.

You still need to get rid of dead skin cells that form on your skin. But you have to do this gently so you won’t strip your skin of its natural oil and glow. It's best to use cleansers laced with enzymes to lock in moisture.


IMAGE Amore Pacific


AmorePacific Treatment enzyme peel,

Combat the stretch.

We can’t fight gravity. And as you age, your skin will sag. To cheat and stall the inevitable, turn up your retinoid application for more collagen production. At this age, retinoids will not just clear pimples or fight skin coloring. It will do those and amp up the collagen formation to fight the wrinkles and sagging. Extend the application up to your neck!


IMAGE L'Occitane


L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream, Rustan's

Don’t forget the lips.

Believe it or not, your lips can also signify your age. Plump them up and fight the laugh lines by applying collagen-infused products that specifically target your smoochers.

IMAGE Guerlain


Guerlain Abeille Royale honey smile lift, Greenbelt

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