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The Aivee Clinic's Most Popular Treatments and How Much They Cost

Everything you need to know, from the benefits to the prices.
The Aivee Clinic's Most Popular Treatments and How Much They Cost Everything you need to know, from the benefits to the prices.

The Aivee Clinic has fast become a well-known brand in the field of aesthetic care. Their long list of celebrity clients regularly share about how the clinic’s services have helped them achieve their personal beauty goals. From perfecting one’s complexion to sculpting the figure, the results of these treatments are easily seen in photos and videos. 

Founded in 2009 by the group’s president, dermatologist Dr. Aivee Teo, together with her husband Dr. Z’Shen Teo, The Aivee Clinic has become a center for aesthetic dermatology and wellness. Eleven years after the first branch in Bonifacio Global City opened its doors, other clinics in SM Mega Fashion Hall, Vertis North, and Commerce Center in Alabang were opened. The Aivee Group has always been quick to bring to the country new innovations in the field of cosmetic dermatology, such as non-invasive laser, radio frequency, or ultrasound technology that provide non-invasive methods to tighten skin, stimulate collagen production, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and more. This has equipped Dr. Aivee and her team of doctors with the resources to give customized solutions to address the concerns of their clients. Each one, after all, has their own unique features and specific beauty ideals.


So, you might ask, with their array of treatments and machines, what do most of their clients come to the clinic for? Also, how much does it cost to maintain your complexion or figure the way a top celebrity does? We went straight to the source to ask The Aivee Clinic about their best-selling treatments, their benefits, and prices. Scroll down to discover what they are.

The Most Popular Treatments at The Aivee Clinic and Their Price:

1. Aerolase

Price: Starts at P6,000

Aerolase is a laser treatment that can be used to treat multiple concerns at once: skin that is less elastic, acne, dark spots and pigmentation, enlarged pores, spider veins, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. It can also help improve both the tone and texture of your skin by boosting collagen production.

2. Aivee Thermage FLX

Price: Starts at P65,000

In just 45 minutes, this non-invasive procedure can help smooth, tighten, and contour skin. The machine’s radiofrequency waves penetrate the skin’s layers to heat up the deeper collagen-rich layers beneath to promote new collagen growth. Its skin tightening effects are especially beneficial in treating droopy and sagging skin in the eye and chin areas, as well as for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles to make them less visible. Results are said to appear gradually and improve in the months following the treatment.

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3. Aivee Ulthera Maxx Lift

Price: Starts at P75,000

Ulthera is a non-invasive treatment that fights signs of aging, such as the sagging in the face and wrinkles. Touted as a non-invasive face lift, it makes use of focused ultrasound to stimulate the production of the body’s own collagen and elastin, giving the face a natural-looking tightened and lifted appearance. One only really needs to have this procedure done once a year to see noticeable results, primarily in the brows, eyes, cheeks, and even the chin and neck area. It can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

4. AiveeTempSure

Price: Starts at P25,000

Like getting a face lift without any surgery in just 20 minutes. TempSure is a heating device that makes use of radiofrequency waves to stimulate collagen production. Results include tighter skin, less visible lines, as well as facial contouring and definition. 


5. Aivee Emsculpt

Price: Starts at P15,000

This machine is the only one in the world that targets both fat burn and muscle tone. It helps sculpt the body with high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy that triggers powerful muscle contractions in target areas like your abdomen, buttocks, legs, and arms. It gives the effect of doing 20,000 crunches or squats within the 30-minute treatment timeframe.

6. Aivee Trusculpt ID

Price: Starts at P12,000

This non-invasive treatment helps reduce fat by up to 24% with radiofrequency energy. Its design allows for the customized placement of each of the 6 hands-free handpieces to target one large area or multiple fatty parts within the 15-minute time protocol. It can be used to sculpt those areas in the body that tend to accumulate fat deposits such as the abdomen, arms, and thighs.

7. Aivee Dome

Price: Starts at P8,000

If weight loss, a detox, and/or muscle recovery are what you are after, this relaxing form of infrared therapy is one to try. It will help you sweat as you would in a sauna, but with deeper reaching benefits from the infrared light. The bonus, you can do this in a comfortably lying position with your body encased in the dome only up to your shoulders.


8. Aivee Gold Baby Skin Microinfusion

Price: Starts at P18,000

For this power facial Dr. Aivee has put together a blend of 7 skin-rejuvenating ingredients, and these are micro-infused into the skin. It helps one achieve glassy, glowing complexion by helping to reduce the size of pores, and achieve texture that’s both supple and smooth.

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