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The Age Debate

Dr. Nicholas Perricone on his star products and how you can stop the tick-tock of the aging clock.
The Age Debate Dr. Nicholas Perricone on his star products and how you can stop the tick-tock of the aging clock.

Reprinted from Preview May 2009, as compiled by Agoo Bengzon.

Celebrated dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone knows a lot about skin. Founder of the skincare cum nutriceutical line, Perricone MD, the good doctor made a career out of giving women potent advice and products to help women find the fountain of youth. Counting Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman and Sheryl Crow as some of his fans, read up on some of his thoughts and theories on how to win the battle against the inevitable onset of aging. 

What is your philosophy on anti-aging?

My holistic approach to aging is to treat inflammation in three ways: through diet, nutriceutical supplements, and cosmeceuticals. Through this program, I believe that inflammation can be stopped, skin’s aging process can be slowed down, and existing damage can be reversed.

Can supplements really influence the way you look on the outside?

Supplements of high quality can (in addition to an anti-infl amatory diet) create beauty from the inside out. Nutrients that possess antioxidant properties act as natural anti-infl ammatories. I recommend a variety of nutrients that are designed to work synergistically to enhance the benefi ts of the anti-infl ammatory diet. These nutrients offer anti-aging, antiinflammatory, and fat-metabolizing boosting benefi ts and help prevent and reverse oxidative damage on a cellular level, of critical importance as we age. The same level of repair cannot be achieved through diet alone.


How is your tinted moisturizer different from all the others out in the market today?

For starters, it is not just a tinted moisturizer. It also contains all the anti-inflammatory ingredients that our anti-aging products do. Its natural translucence has been designed to give a touch of color to the skin while allowing the natural radiance generated by the other ingredients to shine through.

How do supplements like your Maitake Mushroom Extract SX Fraction Work?

The beta-glucans in Maitake Extract SX-Fraction exert powerful anti-aging properties, through their stabilizing e_ ects on blood sugar and insulin levels. I have long been concerned with a condition known as “insulin resistance.” Insulin is the hormone responsible for getting energy, in the form of glucose, or blood sugar, into our cells. Inside the cell, glucose is either used for energy or stored for future use in the form of glycogen in liver or muscle cells. When we are insulin resistant, it means that insulin levels climb higher and higher yet it doesn’t control blood sugar. This results in high circulating levels of insulin and blood sugar, leading to increased glycation of proteins—damaged tissues which generate a continuous stream of free radicals that promote inflammation and aging. This glycation is also very damaging to the skin.

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What are the ingredients that make the Face Firming Activator work for wrinkle improvement?

The greatest difference in the marketplace of today is the need for results. The Perricone formulas are the proverbial ‘work horses,’ designed to contain highly active ingredients that work. Gone are the days when skin care could be marketed based on elegant, perfumed creams with little or no efficacy. Consumers today want to know and see specifi c benefi ts. If the products are rich in anti-oxidant anti-inflammatories such as the Face Firming Activator, with high levels of alpha lipoic acid and DMAE, you will be able to reduce inflammation in the skin.

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