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9 Brow Products Beauty Experts Swear By

It's best to listen to the pros!
9 Brow Products Beauty Experts Swear By It's best to listen to the pros!

When it comes to the one beauty look every girl needs to master, there's no denying that achieving perfect, natural-looking brows tops the list. Not only do the brows frame the face best, they also set the tone for your entire look, whether you choose to go natural or amp things up for a night out with the girls. To make sure your arches are always perfect, we're sharing some of the awesome secrets of our favorite beauty experts. Want to know what they are? Just scroll down below!

  1. Innisfree Eco Eyebrow Pencil and Tony Moly Coloring Browcara.

    9 Brow Products Beauty Experts Swear By 

    This Innisfree pencil is the perfect shade of gray for creating natural-looking brows. The pencil is angled, making it easy to create wispy strokes. Plus, it comes with a brush! And as for girls with lighter hair colors, this Tony Moly brow mascara is your best friend. You don't need to bleach your brows as long as you have the right brow mascara. Since my hair is currently pink, this ash-toned brow mascara suits me well.–Ning Nunez, Candy Magazine Fashion and Beauty Assistant.

  2. L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit.

    9 Brow Products Beauty Experts Swear By

    Lately I've been super obsessed with Korean-inspired straight eyebrows. I use L’Oreal Paris' Brow Artist Genius Kit to shape my arches and fill in the sparse areas.– Marj Ramos, Editorial Assistant.

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  3. Kate Eyebrow Pencil.

    9 Brow Products Beauty Experts Swear By 

    It's like a dupe for the MAC eyebrow pencil and is such a steal at P450. The thin tip is perfect for precision application.– Nicole Romero, Beauty blogger at Beauty and Sparkle. 

  4. K-Palette's Real Lasting Eyebrow Mascara.

    9 Brow Products Beauty Experts Swear By

    I never thought I would need brow mascara because my brows are very sparse and thin. But then I realized that it really keeps the brows in place. I swear by K-Palette's eyebrow mascara and I love the little brush that makes it easy for you to groom your eyebrows.– Steph Yapnayon, Candy Magazine Art Director and beauty enthusiast.

  5. Inglot’s Brow Liner Gel

    9 Brow Products Beauty Experts Swear By

    Currently, I’ve been using Inglot’s Brow Liner Gel because it reminds me of Anastasia’s Dip Brow. I like how the color stays all day, and you only need a tiny amount to fill in your arches. Plus, I can go as bold or as natural as I like, depending on the brush pressure. Then I coat my brow hairs with K-Palette’s Real- Lasting Eyebrow Mascara to keep every strand of brow hair locked and on fleek.– Ira Nopuente, Associate Fashion and Beauty Editor.

  6. Happy Skin Eye Love View Pencil and Marker Eyebrow Duo.

    9 Brow Products Beauty Experts Swear By

    I like the Happy Skin Eye Love View Eyebrow Duo. The one with a pen on one side and the pencil on the other end. The pen is a warmer brown than the pencil, but that makes it easier to customize the shade of your brows since the pencil is more neutral than the pen. Plus, it lasts for ages.–Julia Arenas, Makeup Artist and Beauty blogger at Bless My Bag. 

  7. MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Lingering 

    9 Brow Products Beauty Experts Swear By

    I used this the first time I did my own eyebrows and my arches looked like they were done by a pro. Its tip is so fine it allows me draw in my brows precisely and evenly three times faster than when I use other pencils. The pigment, which is wonderfully universal, also adjusts depending on the pressure I put, so I can go lighter on the corners without “feathering” and match my eyebrow color with my hair without using a brow tint. The downside, it runs out quickly—in a month, tops—so I’ve resorted to using it just on special days.–Nicole Limos, Beauty Editor at Town and Country Philippines.

  8. K-Palette 24HR Real Lasting Eyebrow Pen.

    9 Brow Products Beauty Experts Swear By 

    I super love K-Palette's 24h liquid eyebrow pen. It's long-lasting and when applied right, looks very natural and not harsh.–Tatin Yang, Makeup Artist and Writer.

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