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The 5 Simple Rules of Going Backless

Your guide to becoming "talikogenic" here.
The 5 Simple Rules of Going Backless Your guide to becoming "talikogenic" here.

There are other means to show off skin and take the hubadera route in a classy #imaPreviewgirl way. And while some are happily exposing their clavicles in boho chic off-shoulder tops, others can simply bare their flawless backs to up their #OOTD games. Below, the five simple rules you need to keep in check to bringing sexy back.

1. Take good care of your skin.


Make your back worthy of flaunting by paying attention to proper skin care. When taking a shower, be sure to exfoliate using a loofah or a bath brush to remove those dead skin cells that could potentially cause unwanted blemishes. Moisturizing is as important, too.

Style Bible pro tip: Put a few drops of baby oil in your tub of water. That should do the trick!

2. Wear the right bra.

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Visible bra straps are a big fat NO. But don’t worry, you have plenty of options: A lower back strap bra (which works best if you only have your upper back exposed), silicon stick-on bras (which has no straps, no need for back clasps, and can be worn with anything), or a bra with a transparent back (which is a pretty good option for those who are not comfortable with the added support). If you ask us, though, we say go for the stick-ons.

Style Bible pro tip: If you know you're going to go backless for a big event tomorrow, skip the bra the day before so you don't get those unsightly marks.

3. Wear your hair up.


What’s the point of wearing backless if you’re just going to cloak it under your long locks? Go for an updo, or at the very least put it in front, so that your flawless back can bask in the spotlight it so rightfully deserves.

4. Pay attention to your posture.


You’re going for sexy in that backless LBD you saved for this big party, but if you keep ruining the moment with your constant slouching, then you’re going to be shipped off to Tackyland in no time.

5. Keep it hair-free.

For the same reason we wax our legs and shave our armpits. In fact, we're so obsessed that we stalked (and discovered!) Kathryn Bernardo’s hair-free, bare back secrets here.


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