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The 5 Commandments to Clean Skin

The 5 Commandments to Clean Skin It’s about time you indulge in lathering up.

In an effort to recover from the many festivities, oil and water (and soap) for once work together in our search for ways to cleanse, restore, and heal our skin. It’s about time we indulge in lathering up.

1. Wash your face

The main culprits behind things that are not supposed to grow on our faces but do anyway are  those extra layers that shouldn’t naturally be there. So while we love our foundation and sunblock, the skin isn’t meant to be suffocated, and when it is, it’s bound to protest in the form of zits. So give your skin some love and clean up well with a cleanser that corresponds to your skin type and the amount of product you’ve applied onto your skin.

2. Don’t forget to exfoliate

This is for making sure there’s absolutely no build-up even if you’re diligent with cleaning, toning and all that jazz. (Those newly healed from inflammation can skip this step for now.) Keep in mind to do it only when necessary (i.e., once a week, one every two weeks, or once a month).

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3. Don’t panic

Admit it: When you see a blemish, you do anything and everything to make sure it’ll be gone the next day. But as you probably already know—and likely defy—you shouldn’t touch it, unless: a) it’s to dab on a blemish-clearing gel; or b) it’s the dermatologist doing what needs to be done.

4. Let it recuperate

So your blemishes are gone, but now they’ve left spots from all the picking (don’t lie) and inflammation. You need to let your skin heal before trying to lighten the discoloration, as most lightening products may trigger a reaction or tow. The key is to cleanse and moisturize so your skin doesn’t compensate for the drying effect of the former by producing too much oil.

5. When all else fails

We admit to obsessing over promises of instant results, but Dr. Aivee Teo delivers. You’ve heard about RevLite, but what about a laser facial that clears pigments, evens out and improves skin texture? The once-a-month Excel V is a little 20-minute miracle that helps revitalize your blemish-riddled skin with a downtime as short as two hours. 

Published in Preview February 2015.

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