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The 5 Best Ways to Prep Your Legs for the Summer

Flaunt those stems, no sweat.
The 5 Best Ways to Prep Your Legs for the Summer
IMAGE Ryan Ong
Flaunt those stems, no sweat.

Summer's here, and that means you've now got every excuse under the sweltering sun to bare those stems. A little self-conscious about flaunting your legs? Worry not, because we've pooled together the five best ways to prep 'em for the season. Read on!

1. Use a self-tanner.

IMAGE Clinique

Clinique Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion, P1200, SM Megamall 


Need a quick fix? A good self-tanner is your very best bet—emphasis on the good. No to looking like you're walking with a pair of Cheetos! Our favorite solution for that beach-ready glow has got to be Clinique's Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion because not only does it keep you moisturized all day (like a proper body cream should!), it also leaves behind a sexy hint of bronze shimmer that looks au naturel.

2. Get rid of ingrown hairs.

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IMAGE Girl About Town

If you've got a bit more time, then we suggest that you make the effort to remove any pesky ingrown hairs that leave unsightly bumps on your legs! Start out with clean, lotion-free, dry legs, then hold a warm compress against the area in question for 30 seconds. This loosens up the pores surrounding the hairs, making them more pliable for you to reach! 

Next, use sterilized tweezers to pinch each hair close to the root, pulling firmly. When you're done, apply a cool compress to the area. Also, you don't want to risk infection, so make sure to avoid slathering water-based moisturizers on your stems for the next 12 hours.

3. Smoothen out with a body scrub.


IMAGE The Body Shop

The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Scrub, P1000, Shangri-la Plaza Mall

Just like your face, your gams need to be exfoliated, too! This is how you keep 'em super-smooth all summer long. Banish rough, dry spots by using something gentle-yet-effective like The Body Shop's Cocoa Butter Body Scrub. Here's why (aside from that to-die-for chocolatey scent) it's our current favorite: the grains in it aren't sugar, salt, or evern plastic microbeads, they're ground rice—so the product doesn't dissolve in your hands before you're finished exfoliating. Plus, it's totally environmentally-friendly!

4. Dab on some makeup.



MAC 182 Buffing Brush, P2700, SM Megamall; NARS' Body Glow Monoi II, P3000, Rustan's; Benefit's Dew The Hoola Soft Matte Liquid Bronzer, P1600, Rustan's

Yes, you can contour your legs! Just make sure you keep things as light as possible—you don't want to accidentally leave makeup streaks on someone's couch. (Yikes!) You'll only need three things: your favorite bronzer, a buffing brush, and some body oil.

Start off by applying Benefit's Dew The Hoola Soft Matte Liquid Bronzer along both sides of your calves, all the way down to the tender spots behind your ankles, blending with the MAC 182 Buffing Brush as you go.

Contouring these areas create a shadow and make legs look more toned. The finishing touch? Subtly swipe NARS' Body Glow Monoi II down the front of your stems for a sexy, highlight-esque gleam.

5. Try out a laser treatment


IMAGE INSTAGRAM/theaiveeclinic

Name a skin concern, and there is most likely a laser treatment designed specifically to treat it. Your gam woes are no exception—tired of shaving? Try the SHR Hair Removal Treatment at Skin 101 (Shangri-la Plaza East Wing). Haaate varicose veins? Go for The Aivee Clinic's Excel Veins Therapy (SM Megamall). Or, if you simply want to get your stems sculpted, you can also opt for Marie France's VelaContour (find them here!). A word of caution: laser therapy doesn't come cheap, but rest assured it'll be worth the pretty penny!

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