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The 411 On Healthy Scalp

Hair expert Lourd Ramos dishes on healthy scalp FAQs.
The 411 On Healthy Scalp Hair expert Lourd Ramos dishes on healthy scalp FAQs.

Your dreams of having longer, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Unhealthy scalp leads to dry hair, dandruff, hair fall, or worst, permanent hair loss (nooooo!). We pick the brain of hair expert Lourd Ramos on how to keep our mane in the game. 

How do we know if we have healthy scalp? 

Heathy scalp is supposed to be rosy white and glossy not oily. Glossy means it looks like a pearl. You'll know you've got an oily scalp if your hair is limp and it looks watery. 

Another telltale sign that the scalp is unhealthy is if it is flaky. What causes it?

There are three causes why we have dandruff. First, we tend to have dry scalp because we tend to use the wrong shampoo. Second is we get dandruff because the oil got dried up and it blocks the pores. This causes the hair to stop growing out leading to baldness. It’s really alarming. The third reason is it is caused by a virus. Dandruff can be viral also. If someone is already infected with that virus, the dandruff flake has a greenish tint to it. A non-viral dandruff flake is dirty white in color, the person has irregularity on the scalp.

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How do we manage it?

You have to scrub your scalp really well. Next is you have to rinse your scalp and hair with cooler water to seal the pores. If you can’t take washing your hair with extra cold water, what you do is use lukewarm water then make sure that your last rinse is cold water. The scalp is actually more sensitive than the skin on the face because it is where the cuticles, hair follicles are and where the natural oil will come out. If you have imbalances or irregulaties in the scalp then you will really have those problems: dandruff, dry and damaged scalp–everything! In the end you will lose hair! It is true and proven worldwide, if your scalp is already blocked with oil and dirt then hair will not come out.

You have mentioned scrubbing the scalp, how do we do this on ourselves?


You need to use a detoxifying shampoo and get a regular good shampoo. Scrub it twice but don’t use your fingernails, use your hand and thumb. Shampoo is meant for cleaning the scalp.

Can we still use conditioner after scrubbing our scalp?

You have to use conditioner because if you’re going to shampoo your hair twice, the natural oil of your hair is stripped off. You have to put the moisture back in by massaging conditioner on your hair.

Are there any products we have to refrain from using if we have a problematic scalp?

Do not use intense hair treatments right away if it’s not designed for your scalp because it will just make the problem worse. You may get itchy scalp, the vitamin C or protein content may be too much for your hair to handle. These may aggrevate the problem.

How often should we shampoo?


We have to shampoo our hair and scalp everyday of our lives especially here in the Philippines. Humidity, heat, pollution, and free radicals are always present.

How often should we use conditioner?

Everyday. You have to condition the ends of the hair not on the roots because the ends are the dead parts of the hair. They need moisture the most. It needs nourishment, strengthening. You need to leave on your conditioner for at least three minutes. 

How do we know if our hair is really clean?

You will know if you have clean scalp and hair if you hear a squeaky sound when you run your fingers while your hair is in running water. That is very clean already.

How do we prevent hair breakage?

Same. Get a strengthening shampoo that makes each strand stronger, shinier, and frizz-free. When I mean frizz-free, it doesn’t mean flat hair. It’s bouncy and healthy locks.


How do we combat flat hair? I often hear girls complain about flat hair, how do we make it fluffier?

Rinse hair properly and use cooler water. Water is really an important factor. If it’s too hot, you burn the scalp. You kill the oils and you make it more sensitive. Sensitive scalp is caused by humans, not the shampoo nor the treatments.

Almost everyone gets their hair colored, what proper care would you suggest?

Get a treatment once a month so that the color will stay longer.

You maybook an appointment at  Creations Salon by Lourd Ramos if you have additional hair-related concerns.

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