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Teenagers Are Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Good in Selfies

Teenagers Are Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Good in Selfies
Four girls share their story.

There has been a never-ending debate about plastic surgery since time immemorial. Rumors about who recently got a nose job or who admitted to having her breasts done are always splashed across page six as if it’s the first time we’re hearing about injections and fillers. Especially with the rise of social media, people can’t help but give their two cents when it comes to celebrities who’ve undergone cosmetic surgery—but what if we’re talking about regular teenagers instead of your favorite stars?

According to National Institutes of Health, majority of the teenagers who are getting plastic surgery do so hoping to look better in selfies. “Many of our patients are indeed blaming their weird appearance in selfies as a reason to consult a plastic surgeon and seek minor or major cosmetic procedures,” it says in the article.

Harper’s Bazaar also reported that there was “a nine percent uptick in lip enhancements” among girls aged 13 to 19 years old in 2015. And as you might have guessed, most of these young patients wanted a perfect pout a la Kylie Jenner, who, in the same year, publicly admitted getting lip fillers.

To give us a better perspective as to why some girls choose to undergo plastic surgery at such a young age, here’s a video of four teenagers sharing their story:

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