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8 Tattoo Ideas for Couples Who Are Serious About Forever

Are you both in it for the long run?
8 Tattoo Ideas for Couples Who Are Serious About Forever
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Are you both in it for the long run?

Couples have many creative ways of expressing their love. Some like sharing their dating life on social media (with an official hashtag, of course), while others aren’t afraid to step out in matching OOTDs. However, those things aren’t anything new. If you happen to be in a relationship and you guys are serious about making it happen in the long-run, then maybe you want to step up your couple game by getting inked. But before we delve into the fun of helping you choose a design for your tattoo, let’s answer an important question first.

Are couple tattoos a good idea?

Couple tattoos are a good idea if and only if you’re certain you guys will be committed to “forever” together. It’s a great idea if you’re getting engaged or tying the knot soon. On the contrary, couple tattoos are the worst thing to do if your relationship is on the rocks and you’re looking for a way to revive the spark. Getting inked is no way to save a relationship. You also wouldn’t want to regret the tattoo if you break up. Yikes!


If you’re sure about each other, we can move on to the fun part of going through designs! There’s plenty of boring, and quite frankly, tacky tattoos all over the internet so we did the task of choosing only the best ones.

What are good matching tattoos for couples?

1. Matching symbols

If you’re scared to have someone else’s name printed on your skin forever (don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you love them any less!), you can always go for subtler designs like matching symbols. Designs can draw inspiration from anything like nature, travel, to general symbols that hold a special meaning for you both.

A great example would be the lotus design below, which symbolizes purity, beauty, and faithfulness, among other things, but it generally represents life and rebirth.

You don’t have to go for the exact same tattoos, either. You can simply choose a theme and choose complementary designs, like the sun and moon one below. Another idea would be yin and yang, or a lock and key.

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2. Minimalist line designs

Looking for something that’s more discreet? You can always go for line tattoos for a minimalist touch that’s still cute. It can be as simple as getting heart tattoos on your forearm, or an infinity symbol on your wrist. You can even include the date of your anniversary!

3.  XO designs

If you want something that directly refers to love, nix the cliches in favor of something simple and elegant, like matching “XO” tattoos that will look so cute when photographed. A reminder of the “hugs and kisses” that sweeten up your relationship. (Sorry for being cheesy!)

4. Quotes or meaningful words

Aside from symbols, getting meaningful words is always a good idea, especially when it refers to shared experiences, beliefs, or memories that have helped to strengthen your relationship.

The trick to pulling this off in a classy way is to make sure you choose an elegant font and a size that isn’t glaring. Consider words that connote being together like “side by side,” “always,” or “no matter what.”


5. Initials

The most obvious tattoo idea for couples would be printing each other’s names or initials. The cool thing to do is to get them in a small size. The subtler, the better. It can be as simple as getting your significant other’s initials on your wrist, but feel free to throw in a tiny heart if you want a cute touch. You can also go for a white tattoo for something unique!

6. Anniversary date

If you want something a little cryptic that will have people intrigued, consider getting inked with your anniversary date in roman numerals. This looks great on the wrist or on the forearm, but there are those who have placed theirs on more concealed places like below the collar bone or by the rib cage.

7. Disney cartoons

If you don’t want anything serious (we’re talking about the tats, not the relationship), why don’t you go for Disney-inspired designs? It’s a fun and youthful choice you won’t regret. Plus, even if you do break up (God forbid) it won’t look like it has anything to do with your relationship. LOL!


If we were to get one, we’d consider the Grape Soda design (a reference to the movie Up) or those matching minimalist Mickey Mouse ones. You can also get cheesy quotes like “to infinity and beyond” or “ohana.”

8. Ring tattoos

We saved the best for last! If you’re set on spending forever with your significant other, might we suggest a ring design? It can even be an alternative to engagement rings! There are many designs to choose from, like simple ring bands, initials, and infinity signs.

However, if “wearing” a tattoo "ring" is a little weird for you, the next best thing is to get designs on the sides of your fingers. Getting hitched soon? Get your matching surnames as a design, or try your wedding date after you tie the knot!

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