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These Are the Best Tattoo Designs to Get, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Choose the perfect tatt that represents your astrological sign.
These Are the Best Tattoo Designs to Get, According to Your Zodiac Sign
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Choose the perfect tatt that represents your astrological sign.

Zodiac signs have been growing in popularity over the recent years. Blame it on the interest in astrology and mysticism, but whatever the reason is, your zodiac is somewhat a personal symbol that you can resonate with. Though astrological predictions are often debatable, firm believers would argue that some character traits belonging to each sign have a certain accuracy to them.

That said, getting a tattoo based on your zodiac sign is a popular and meaningful choice. Astrological designs can range from intricate to sweet and simple—depending on where its drawn and how big of an area you want it to cover. If you’d like a timeless ink that will never go out of style, a minimalist design is the way to go. Below, we round up some chic tattoo designs for each zodiac sign.

Tattoo Ideas, According to Your Zodiac Sign:

1. Aries

Constellation of Stars:

The Aries constellation is composed of five dainty stars and four simple lines, making it the perfect minimalist design to have inked on your skin.


The Planet Mars:

A simple line art of Mars—the planetary counterpart of Aries—is a fun design for those with a creative spirit. But if you’re feeling fiery, you can opt for solid-colored designs in different shades of red.

2. Taurus

A Glyph:

The Taurus glyph is simple enough to be inked on your fingers or other hidden places like behind your ears.

A Planetary Glyph:

The Venus glyph is an empowering symbol and is perfect for those who just want a strong mark of womanhood on their skin other than their astrological sign.

3. Gemini

Facial Line Art:

For the twin signs, a pretty line art of two faces is a unique choice and an instant conversation starter.

Lavender Flower:

The flower associated with Gemini is lavender—and the delicate purple plant is delicate and beautiful as a tatt.

4. Cancer

Crab Line Art:

A cute crab tattoo is the way to go if you’re a Cancer. The crustacean is adorable as a tattoo done with simple lines—the tinier, the better.

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A Simple Moon:

Call yourself lucky as a Cancer, because the moon is your heavenly body! You can’t go wrong with a minimalist crescent moon design that looks good no matter where you decide to get it inked.

5. Leo

Constellation of Stars:

The Leo constellation is composed of a sea of stars, and if you like your tatt to twinkle, then this design is the way to go.

The Sun:

The bright star that warms the earth is also a symbol for this zodiac. We suggest you opt for a design that features delicate sun rays.

6. Virgo


With Virgo being the goddess of wheat, why not have the grain tattooed to represent your sign? Thin and delicate, a wheat tattoo comes off as a rustic and nature-loving design on your skin.

Mercury Planetary Symbol:

Mercury’s symbol looks great as a subtle tattoo for your inner wrist.

7. Libra

A Scale:


Though there are intricate designs for this popular Libra symbol, opt for one that’s simplified and drawn with thin lines to give off a feel of whimsy.

A Rose:

The Libra sign is represented by a rose, and the flower is undeniably pretty as a tattoo. Pick a design that showcases its stem to make it look more delicate.

8. Scorpio

Scorpion Line Art:

Love your fair share of creepy crawly creatures? Then we suggest you get an actual scorpion inked! Just make sure to pick a purely outlined design or drawing to keep it looking chic and minimal.

Constellation of Stars:

The Scorpio constellation is composed of outstretched lines and tiny stars that make it a beautiful choice for a simple black ink.

9. Sagittarius

Bow and Arrow:

Represent the Sagittarius sign with a pretty bow and arrow adorned with stars. But if you’d like something simpler, the archer’s weapon alone is worth a tattoo on your arm or rib.


The Arrow Symbol:

The simple arrow symbol is actually enough to show off your astrological sign. To others, it can mean that you know where you're headed or are on the right path. Either way, an arrow symbolizes knowledge and determination among many things.

10. Capricorn

Goat Line Art:

The ram or goat are often times rendered in a highly detailed way as a tattoo, but when done as a more abstract line art, it looks rather mysterious and cool.

The Planet Saturn:

Saturn is undeniably pretty as a simple tattoo, which is why it’s a popular choice for many girls. We can’t blame them though! Whether you’re a Capricorn or not, this planet looks gorgeous even when rendered as basic outline.

11. Aquarius

A Glyph:

The wavy Aquarius glyph looks good as is and is an easy choice for an inconspicuous tattoo design you can practically stamp anywhere on your body.


An Orchid:

The orchid is the floral symbol for Aquarius, and it could not look prettier as a tatt! The flower exudes sophistication when drawn delicately on your skin.

12. Pisces

Twin Fish:

The iconic mirrored Pisces fish is a perfect choice for a tattoo. You can opt for the basic and more geometric drawing of these creatures, or even an intricate design that looks fluid and watercolor-like.

A Floral Glyph:

The glyph for Pisces is simple enough to add a little bit more to it. We like this design that incorporates wildflowers for an added touch of nature.

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