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10 Stylish Tattoos with Flowers That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

Here are some groundbreaking floral designs that are undeniably chic.
10 Stylish Tattoos with Flowers That Will Inspire You to Get Inked
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Here are some groundbreaking floral designs that are undeniably chic.

Freshly picked or beautifully dried, flowers spruce up any space and lift your mood almost instantly—and we’d like to think that it has the same effect when it’s inked on your skin, too. Drawn simple or intricate, tiny as a thumb or rib-engulfing, or outlined solely in black or filled in with a spectrum of colors; there is something so beautiful, feminine, and we dare say whimsical about a tattoo design with flowers.

Some people can call it cliché but we think floral designs are classic and could stand the test of time. Flowers also come in all sorts of colors, petals, and distinct silhouettes so there’s an endless variety to choose from to suit your personality. And we haven’t even mentioned the many styles you can have them rendered—be it cartoon-y, realistic, minimal, or that trendy watercolor execution we’ve seen from Korean tattoo artists. The options are endless, and honestly that can be a little overwhelming to search on Pinterest.


To make your life easier, we’ve rounded up 10 pretty floral tattoo designs that are both conversation-starters and timeless signatures.

Flower tattoo designs on your shoulder:

A splash of tiny flowers in full color

Shoulder tattoos don’t need to engulf your entire sleeve—they can actually be delicate and comprised of tiny designs that form a big one. We like this concept of sprawling assorted flowers in bright sunny colors that you can place across your shoulder and collarbones.

Creeping half-sleeve wildflowers in black and gray

Definitely not a design for the faint of heart, but think of it as wearing a piece of art on your shoulder. A painterly bouquet or vine of botanical flowers looks exquisite as a statement ink done in a delicate watercolor effect.

Flower tattoo designs on your wrist:

Long-stem wildflowers

When in doubt, something simple always looks good. A singular rose, lily, lavender, and the likes would look great as a two- to three-inch sized tatt on your wrist. Placed in the inner corner or side of your wrist, these single-stemmed designs are sophisticated and feminine—and look great under a cool arm party.

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A wreath of delicate flowers

If you’re a fan of accessorizing, why not have one permanently inked on your wrist? A wreathe of roses, intertwined with other flora, is perfect for any nature-loving girl. Done in full color, the design is both dainty and fun and looks great in photos.

Flower tattoo designs on your arm:

A pastel-colored lotus flower

The lotus flower has many meanings to different cultures. It often pertains to enlightenment, rebirth, and elevated spirituality. Having a lotus flower tatt could be quite symbolic other than it being beautiful to look at. We suggest a design with a splash of pastel colors that make the flower look all the more serene.

Botanical fine line flowers

Minimalist tattoos are all the rave these days, and we can’t blame the hype. They’re understated and give off a sense of cool sophistication, too. We suggest placing these delicate designs on the back of your arm just above your elbow, as the perfect space for it to be seen and not seen at the same time. Wildflowers like cornflower, thistle, and forget-me-not are perfect for this type of ink.


Flower tattoo designs on your back:

A mix of words and a floral bud on your spine

Want something a little more profound and artistic? These spine tattoo designs might be up your alley. Characterized with a flower inked at the base of your neck with its stem stretching into a handwritten word or phrase of your liking, this tattoo is a great secret to keep and show-off with the right top or dress.

Minimalist floral outlines in black

If you’re more of a free spirit, these line art floral tattoos are simply breathtaking. Ultimately hidden from public view (unless you’re at the beach of course), these oversized designs may cover a lot of skin but are also pretty minimal in concept. As the lines trace around your back accentuated with floral outlines, it’s a great ink to flaunt in a back-baring ‘90s style slip dress

Flower tattoo designs on your ankle:

A sweet white daisy tattoo

Daisies are quite the playful flower and add a pinch of youthfulness as a print or motif on clothes or accessories. Even as a tattoo, the daisy will make you smile, especially done in full color with white and bright yellow ink. Positioned on your ankle, this white petal flower will never look old.


A Nordic bright bouquet

Ditch any black ink and go with a colored collection of wildflowers just above or around your ankle. Opt for vibrant flowers like lavenders, bluebells, and the likes for this color-blocked Scandinavian style ink! A simple and more cartoon-y render is the way to go for a modern effect.

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