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Style Bible Speed Round: Chesca Kramer Tells Us Why It's Okay Not To Look Pretty For The Boys

From teen dream to super mommy of three, Chesca Kramer dishes on beauty tips and life out of the spotlight.
Style Bible Speed Round: Chesca Kramer Tells Us Why It's Okay Not To Look Pretty For The Boys From teen dream to super mommy of three, Chesca Kramer dishes on beauty tips and life out of the spotlight.

Keeping up with a growing brood doesn’t seem like a walk in the park but we wonder how Chesca Kramer does it while managing to look fresh and flawless. We sit down and talk to the new Pond’s girl and ask her to dish out on what keeps her looking like she hasn’t aged even by a bit.


How do you feel to be a Pond’s girl?

I feel very proud and very happy to be a part of a brand that I’ve always believed in and that I’ve used ever since I was a teenager. I’m just happy to be a part of such a prestigious brand.

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What is the biggest transformation in your life?

The biggest transformation I went through would have to be becoming a mom. A lot of things happen when you become a mom especially when you’re pregnant – your body changes and your outlook in life also totally changes especially when you have kids because your kids are still so small so they’re very dependent on you.

How did motherhood change your beauty routine?

I have totally embraced myself even more when I become a mom. It made me more comfortable being myself and I felt like I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore. I was even more comfortable going out with clear skin, meaning no makeup just my natural skin. Because of that, I made it also a point to always make sure that I’m moisturized and if I have makeup on from work, I make sure that I take it off right away keep my face clean.


What is one beauty tip you picked up from your mom that you still apply today?

I always saw my mom as someone who’s really vain. The reason why I know about Ponds is because my mom would always use the cold cream to take off her makeup after coming home from work. She’d wash her face and moisturize and I realized that I picked that up from her so it’s the same thing that I do.

Kendra’s cropped top at the PEP Awards looked so cute! Would you have worn that at that age?

Yes I would wear that, as a kid you can wear whatever you want to wear. Kendra’s cropped top wasn’t supposed to be that low, in fact her skirt was supposed to be a bit high waisted but then she refused to wear it that high. She would always pull it down because she doesn’t like it when her tummy is being covered.  With my daughter I allow her to explore with whatever she wants but of course with my proper guidance. As for me I like things that are easy to wear like clean cut pieces. I don’t like anything that is too sexy or too daring, I feel like that I’d put that behind me now.



What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

The first thing I do when I wake up is drink two glasses of water.

Is it to cleanse?

To cleanse my system to rehydrate myself because when you sleep as long as 8-9 hours and you have no water intake.


A boy once told us that guys hate red lipstick. What should a girl play-up when attracting a boy?

I don’t care what guys think, seriously. For me if it looks nice on you and if it’s something that you like then go ahead. I’ve realized in this lifetime it doesn’t matter what other people have to say. What matters is what you think of yourself and what makes you happy, so if red lips makes you look nice and sexy then so do it and if the boy doesn’t like you, who cares? Just move on to the next.

 How do u keep your skin glowing?

I drink lots of water, I always keep my face clean, and I don’t apply too much makeup if I don’t have to. Probably just a bit of cheek tint and a nice red lipstick  and I’m good to go.


What is that one thing you can’t leave home without?

I can’t leave home without my cellphone because for one I won’t be able to talk to my husband or I won’t be able to get in touch with my kids so for me my phone is very essential.



Flats or Sneakers?

Flats because it’s more versatile.

Rompers or Dresses?

Dresses because it is easier, you just slip it on and that’s it!

Mascara or Eyeliner

Mascara to widen up my eyes

Bold Lips or Neutral Lips

Bold lips