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How to Make Straight Hair Easier to Curl, According to a Hairstylist

No damaging hair products needed!
How to Make Straight Hair Easier to Curl, According to a Hairstylist
No damaging hair products needed!

If silky, straight hair had an Achilles' heel, it would be everything that has to do with a curling iron. For example, my own naturally limp locks have attempted to reject curls since I was a kid, much to every hairstylist I've worked with's chagrin. They usually have to "cook" my curls by ironing my hair longer just to make it work. And as someone who's incredibly protective of her hair, there had to be another way.

Desperate for answers, I asked a hairstylist how to make my straight hair more curl-friendly without burning it to a crisp. And apparently, it's really all about the prepping.


According to hairstylist Mycke Arcano, curl prep starts in the shower. He says that using conditioner before a styling session is a big no-no, especially for stubborn, straight hair. "I find that conditioner just smoothens the hair too much, and the products I use along with the hairstyle itself don't grip the hair as well as it should," he explains. Washing and shampooing your hair beforehand is totally fine, though!

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And if your hair has trouble maintaining a curl, the hairstylist says, "The best way to lock in any hairstyle is to prep the hair with curling mists, dry shampoos and similar products that add grip to it." The less slippery your locks are, the better your waves will hold.


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