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Stay In The Shade

Find the best hair color for your skin tone.
Stay In The Shade Find the best hair color for your skin tone.

Everyone has a vision of their ideal hair color: whether it's one you've seen in a magazine or on your favorite celeb, chances are it's the shade you always ask for from your stylist (especially after a rebellious, highlights-happy summer) whenever you need to look your best.

Fail safe hair colors are such for a reason: we're loyal to shades that bring out our best features—some get caramel streaks to emphasize hazel eyes, for example—and match our personality. Mostly, though, the perfect hair color should make us feel comfortable and confident—invincible, even; anything short of that and we feel sub-par.

Finding the colors that make you shine are a simple test of tone: yellow/olive undertones (Asians/Orientals, those that look good in gold jewelry or earthy shades, or have bright green veins) should go for warm colors. Caramel browns, honey blondes and burgundy-blacks are shade names to consider.

Those who have bluish-green veins, look better in silver jewelry and cool colors like pastels or are of Caucasian or European descent may have pink undertones. Ash tones on either end of the color spectrum–from violet-blacks to ash blondes–neutralize the natural redness in their skin and make their paler complexions even more luminous.

Touch-ups are crucial as well. Red shades are notorious for their upkeep, but the payoff of a luscious ginger mane is great if you have both the time and patience to maintain it. Dark brown is the most low-maintenance for those with already dark hair, so if you're not in the mood to retouch roots that often, then a rich espresso shade might be your best bet.

Whether you're a blonde who just wants to have fun or have an inner redhead waiting to break free, the best color is one that highlights your skintone, enhances your personality and fits your lifestyle—and hopefully turns heads in the process.

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—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor


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