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Staff Challenge: Makeup Swap

We broaden our makeup horizons by trying on each other's signature looks!
Staff Challenge: Makeup Swap We broaden our makeup horizons by trying on each other's signature looks!

Slapping on some rouge can be quite intimidating for a girl, especially for first-timers. But after conquering the complexity of liquid liner and bronzer placement, the results are a tried and tested, idiot-proof makeup routine. But as years progress and tubes of lipstick come and go, most admit to falling into a trap of their own devise: The Makeup Rut.

In an attempt to fulfill our try-something-new-everyday resolution, we decided to step out of our comfort zones and try on each other’s go-to looks (you can read up on our fave products, too, if you click here). First up, beauty girls Ira Nopuente and Janey Aniban put their hand-eye coordination to the test!


Ira Nopuente, Beauty Assistant

Challenge: Try on Janey’s Graphic Liner

You can always see bright, Crayola shades on my lids or a bold, neon lipstick on my pout. Rainbow colors have always been my thing because I think I look too pale without them. So when Janey and I swapped our makeup styles, there was a part of me that was scared of looking like a ghost with thick, black liner. But I had so much fun doing it! It felt like art class when I copped Janey’s signature graphic lined lids. As soon as I saw the tiny square I drew on the outer edge of my lids, I got tempted to plagiarize her style! My chinita eyes looked brighter and the multiple coats of mascara (that’s how she likes it) made my lashes more visible than ever.

Janey Aniban, Beauty Assistant

Challenge: Conquer Ira’s fluorescent hues

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Being a color lover myself, I have to admit I don’t stray too far from anything that isn’t cool-toned (think green, blue, and purple) but I’ve never imagined myself sporting neon eye shadow, much less with a bright pink lip. I admire Ira’s fearless approach with color, but it’s a far cry from my beloved winged liner. Nevertheless I bit the bullet and painted on my face with reckless abandon.

The results? I loved them! After sweeping on a sunset-hued eye and bubble gum pink for my lips, I felt liberated. While neon eye shadow doesn’t offer the dreamy haze that darker shadows possess, it does the job of adding that element of surprise. But my biggest surprise came in the form of a complement from my makeup-hater boyfriend. Not only did he like the loud look, he even thought it was cool! Now the only thing left to do is get out there and find a neon palette to play with.    


Next up, Managing Editor Nikki Santiago and Editorial Assistant Bea Jocom share their swap story. Click on the next page to get started! 

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