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Squeaky Clean

The editors do a weekend of detox.
Squeaky Clean The editors do a weekend of detox.

Clichés on the importance of a healthy lifestyle abound—we are now making up for our past missteps and making conscious efforts to do better for ourselves by eating right and getting fit. Some choose to execute the change little by little, with simple, everyday tweaks like finally eating their green leafy veggies and taking up yoga. Some opt for a more drastic change like a complete lifestyle overhaul, by hard-hitting the gym, going vegan, or finally quitting a 10-year smoking habit.

The organic movement is now also hitting a fever pitch, with the go-green campaign pervading the food, beauty, fashion and even architectural industries, only proving that awareness—and being proactive and accountable—is the biggest trend of the year. Last February, we got on the get-healthy bandwagon by participating in a detox flush, in the hopes of jumpstarting our own paradigm shifts (and, well, we admit, also getting our bodies in tip-top shape for the summer–it promised some weight loss as well).

“Detoxifying the Mind, Body & Soul,” is a weekend health and wellness workshop pioneered by designer and wellness advocate Jeannie Goulbourn, chairman and CEO of The Global Vital Source Co., together with holistic nutritionist Dale Flores. It entailed eating organic everything, talks on health and nutrition, some mind-expanding yoga, and finally, the famous five-drink flush that completely rids your stomach of impurities. For wellness novices like us—whose 9-6 days are a veritable health nightmare, peppered with cigarette breaks, junk food lunches and late, late nights—the overnight treatment was a hardcore wake-up call.

Click on to read the Preview and Style Bible staffers' experience on the flush.

For information and reservations for the next summer detox workshop on the weekend of April 18th-19th, and for their Mother's Day Special detox weekend on May 16th-17th, call Joyce Bautista of The Global Vital Source Co. Inc. at (632) 818-1088 / 843-2550, or (0917) 823-6738 or email

—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor

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