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Spray-On Nail Polish is the Future!

Spray-On Nail Polish is the Future! We need to get our hands (and fingers) on this.

While the current trend is still all about bare tips, you have to admit that you are only more than happy about it because of the fact that you don't know how to apply lacquer on your own nails when you're too busy to head to the salon. But what if we tell you that the geniuses of the beauty world have finally come up with a solution?

Introducing: the Nails Inc. Spray Can Nail Polish

The product is pretty straightforward: The nail polish comes in a spray can and all you have to do is to simply spray them onto your nails! No kidding. The formula then adheres to your base coat, and after the polish dries, just wash your hands and the polish on your skin will wash off like paint. 

Ground-breaking, right? It was launched in the UK last week, and will arrive stateside in Spring 2016. Wonder when it will trickle down to our tropical land. We hope soon!

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