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Solenn Heussaff's Fitness Tips for the Lazy Girl

Take it from our favorite fitspiration!
Solenn Heussaff's Fitness Tips for the Lazy Girl
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Take it from our favorite fitspiration!

It may be hard to believe, but you don't have to be at the gym seven times a week to get fit. Adopting a healthier lifestyle is possible even for the busiest and laziest people. All you need is proper motivation, plus the right steps that'll take you in the right direction.

To further convince you, we asked our favorite #fitspiration Solenn Heussaff during the launch of her new fitness book, Hot Sos, for some tips and tricks she can recommend to the lazy girl who wants to get fit:


1. Don't eat less. Eat right.

Forcing yourself to eat less when you need way more to satisfy yourself is the farthest thing from healthy. Stick to eating a good balance of nutrient-rich foods instead of eating very little. Besides, staying fit is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, so what you eat definitely has more of an impact to your figure than the squats you do twice a week.

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2. Find healthy alternatives to your favorite snacks.

Lessen the guilt by trading in chips for raw and unsalted peanuts, french fries for oven-baked potatoes, and chocolate bars for trail mixes. Not only are these alternatives healthier; they're also often sweeter and more filling than what you're replacing them for!

3. If you want to work out, get your gear ready.

Buy sports bras that fit well and put together a workout playlist that gets you hyped up. Working out is all about being motivated and enjoying yourself during the process. Who knows, maybe your once a month gym trip will become a weekly thing!


4. Don't go on crash diets.

Crash diets are for celebrities with crazy taping deadlines, and at the end of the day, they're never good for you. Plus, you'll only gain all the weight back and mess up your metabolism!

5. Learn how to prepare your own food.

To prevent snacking on whatever your hands reach for at school or in the office, look up some healthy recipes online or make some from Solenn's book. Always having nutritious food next to you will end your useless snacking for sure.

In Solenn's case, she prepares her own baon when she's on-the-go or during taping. But when she doesn't have time to prep her meal, she beats junk cravings by eating some fruit before anything else so that she'll already be quite full before she dives in.


6. Find the right fitspirations.

And we don't mean Victoria's Secret models. We mean people who actually dedicate their platforms and time to inspiring people to be healthier! For Solenn, her fitness inspirations include Tanya Poppett of Achieving Balance and author of The Bikini BodyKayla Itsines.


7. Just get up and do something!

Exercise doesn't always have to happen in the gym. Doing minimal things like walking instead of driving short distances and taking the stairs are simple ways to keep your body moving. But if you've been itching for a proper yoga appointment and gym membership for a while now, what are you waiting for?

Read all about these tips and more in Solenn's new fitness book Hot Sos, available now in all bookstores, newsstands, supermarkets, and convenience stores nationwide for P295.


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