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5 Everyday Makeup Tips We Can All Learn from Solenn Heussaff

These will make your mornings easier.
5 Everyday Makeup Tips We Can All Learn from Solenn Heussaff
These will make your mornings easier.

Being a pro makeup artist herself, Solenn Heussaff has zero problems getting all dolled up by herself every day. In fact, she has a pretty simple beauty routine for a work-appropriate look, which she finally shared on her YouTube channel. Watch it below!

Out of all the amazing tips she gave in the video, here are five things every makeup-wearer should know:

1. Use two foundation colors.

In the video, Solenn mentions that she applies two kinds of foundation to give her face more dimension. She uses a lighter shade all over as a base, and then she brushes a darker shade on the hollows of her cheeks as a subtle contour.

2. Don't limit concealer to your undereyes.

According to the It girl, placing concealer only on your undereyes can give you a raccoon-like effect. To avoid that, she recommends extending the concealer downwards to the sides of your nose. This will give the center of your face a highlighted effect, too!


3. Brush your brows upwards for a bushier look.

Solenn likes to brush her brow hairs upwards to make them appear thicker than they are. She applies her eyebrow gel upwards as well to set the brushed-up effect.

4. Pick brown eyeliner over black for a more natural look.

In the tutorial, Solenn explains that she prefers brown eyeliner for an everyday look because it looks more natural. Black eyeliner tends to seem a bit harsh, unless you'll be using falsies or tons of mascara to cover it up.

5. Blend away harsh lines using your fingers.

Don't be afraid to ditch the makeup brush. Solenn uses her fingertips to blend both her contour and eyeshadow, but they work for everything including lipstick!

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