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Smell Your Way To Love

The nose knows, doesn't it?
Smell Your Way To Love The nose knows, doesn't it?

I’ve never heard of trying to find a date based on his scent, but apparently, such a thing exists. Check out London-based matchmaking company, Pheromone Parties. All you have to do is show up with a shirt you’ve slept in for three nights, submit it to the organizers, and you can start sniffing your way to your next date. The social experiment makes use of excreted pheromones to determine your match. Rows and rows of sealed shirts are lined up on tables and dating hopefuls can select and sniff to their hearts’ desire.

But what do pheromones have to do with finding true love? First off, pheromones are compounds that you (and animals) emit to elicit a response. Ever wonder why you and the ladies of your household sync periods? Or how a newborn baby knows that a nipple is its food source? Pheromones! But how does this all factor in with finding your match?


Two words: Natural Selection. You know how the strong survive? By weeding out the weak. Animals seek to produce healthy offspring that can survive in the wild, and just like animals, humans emit certain signals that contain bits of their genetic makeup. The farther your mate’s genetic makeup is from yours, the more likely your offspring will grow up healthy. This is also why we don’t naturally gravitate towards our brothers and sisters when we chose a mate (also, because….ew).    

So do you guys believe in letting your nose guide you to your potential Mr. Right? We’d love to know what you guys have to say. Throw us a tweet at @stylebibleph! 

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