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13 Small Neck Tattoo Designs If You Want a Low-Key Ink

These are also quite easy to hide.
13 Small Neck Tattoo Designs If You Want a Low-Key Ink
IMAGE Instagram/unotattoonyc, haileybieber
These are also quite easy to hide.

One thing to love about neck tattoos (particularly those that are placed on the side or back of the neck) is that they can easily be hidden and shown off—all you need to do is put your hair up! Though, it can be quite painful to get a neck tattoo. The skin in this part of your body is incredibly thin and sensitive.

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According to tattoo and piercing shop Saved Tattoo, the front of the neck is particularly one of the "most painful" spots to get inked on because it has a lot of "nerve endings." On the other hand, getting inked on the lowest part of the nape and the side of the neck tend to be less painful. But of course, as we've said many times before, pain is subjectivewhat might not hurt for others might be painful for you, and vice-versa!

If you're really worried about the pain, you can opt for tiny and delicate designs that won't cover a large area. This way, your tattoo sesh won't take too long. Don't know what ink to get yet? Below, we rounded up some of the best small neck tattoo designs we found online—get ready to screenshot all your faves!


LOOK: 13 Small Neck Tattoo Ideas And Designs To Try

  1. One-word neck tattoo

    A word tattoo is both beautiful and meaningful.

     Check out Hailey Bieber's "lover" tatt on the side of her neck:

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    If you want something super small, you can also opt for a single letter tattoo like Selena Gomez's "g" ink, which she got to honor her little sister, Gracie:

    When choosing a word tattoo design, keep in mind that the neck is prone to sagging, especially as you grow older, so your ink may lose its original shape. That said, make sure your word tatt is large enough so it's still readable over time.

  2. Flower neck tattoos

    These hidden flower tattoos are such a pretty design.

    Check out this floral tatt that follows the natural curve of the ear:

    If you want something timeless, you can't ever go wrong with a rose tattoo:

  3. Butterfly neck tattoo

    ICYDK, butterfly tattoos have special meanings—generally, they represent change, endurance, hope, and life.

  4. Leaf neck tattoo

    If you're a plantita or simply a nature lover, this leaf tattoo design is perfect for you.

  5. Crescent moon neck tattoo

    Fun fact: This moon phase symbolizes new beginnings.

  6. Snake side-of-the-neck tattoo

    Snake tattoos look super cool when placed on long and narrow parts of the body like the neck. As you know, snakes shed their skin, so they're often associated with rebirth and transformation.

  7. Lotus neck tattoo

    A lotus is one of the most popular flower designs out there, and it's meaningful, too! Typically, it represents rebirth and renewal, so if you're looking for a tatt that could represent your growth, this one's for you!

  8. White neck tattoo

    If you want a tattoo that you won't have to constantly hide, especially if you're working in a strict office, why not get a white ink on your neck? They're cute and low-key at the same time. Here's the catch, though: They don't last that long. White tattoos fade into one's skin color after 15 days up to a year.

  9. Infinity neck tattoo

    Why not get a matching infinity tattoo with your beau?

  10. Hidden heart neck tattoo

    Heart tattoos are extremely popular. After all, they're simply cute and they never go out of style!

  11. Wings nape tattoo

    Wings can represent different things, but generally, they symbolize freedom.

  12. Line neck tattoo

    If you want something subtle, get a delicate line tattoo! Since this type of ink doesn't require shading, you can expect less pain.

  13. Paw print neck tattoo

    Immortalize your pet by getting a tattoo of its paw prints. So adorable!

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