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The Best Slimming Haircuts, According to Celebrity Hairstylists

Need a trim?
The Best Slimming Haircuts, According to Celebrity Hairstylists
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Need a trim?

If you're having trouble clocking in hours at the gym, making an appointment with your hairdresser may be the next best thing. After all, a flattering cut that frames your face perfectly can give the illusion of more defined features, specifically your cheeks and jawline.

Below, hairstylists Lourd Ramos and Suyen Salazar list a few cuts that are probably as good as a few hours on a treadmill run!

1. Layered lob

One of Suyen's go-to haircuts for round faces is a long bob with minimal texture. And the same goes for Lourd, who thinks that a lob frames the face well and can be very flexible when it comes to styling.

2. Long hair with a sideswept fringe

Here's a versatile cut that Lourd recommends for those who can't part with their long hair. "You can wear the fringe or tie it up when you feel like it," he says.

If you're up for some layers, Suyen recommends long layered bangs that end on the cheekbone to frame the face.


3. Textured long layers

Not up for a fringe? Give your face more dimension with some lengthy layers. Suyen suggests having your front layers end an inch below the chin and styled away from the face.

4. Short textured hair

For short hair, adding a bit of texture makes a world of a difference. "It gives movement to the hair and doesn't drag your face down," Suyen explains.

5. Pixie cut with long bangs

Lourd suggests pixie cuts for trimming the sides of a round face, provided that it's cut with long bangs.

6. Wispy bangs

"I also really love bangs that are wispy and fall on the eyebrows," says Suyen. "It draws attention to the eyes and would compensate the shortness of medium-length hair."

7. Blunt bob

A blunt bob can definitely be intimidating, but Lourd thinks it's worth a try. "Symmetry can frame your face," he explains. Further, the sharpness of the bob will add some attitude to your look without the fussiness of layers.

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