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Slimming Body Wraps: How Do They Work?

It’s the tita’s secret to staying slim.
Slimming Body Wraps: How Do They Work? It’s the tita’s secret to staying slim.

I was in my early teenage years when I first heard of “Slimming Body Wraps.” My mom and my aunt—both doctors—were discussing non-evasive weight loss treatments and liposuction. It’s not like they needed some work done; but then again, isn’t this a common concern for women over their 40s? It wasn’t long after that when my mom mentioned in passing that she’s tried Marie France’s Fat Mobilization System. In a nutshell, it’s a 30-minute treatment session where your body is wrapped to speed up its natural biochemical process and enzyme activity, which stimulates fat elimination. But being the skeptical person that I am, I still wasn’t convinced that thermal wraps could actually get rid of love handles or the postpartum bulge. And so, I did some research myself.


So how do they work?

After a couple of Google searches, I discovered the science behind it: The wraps, which were developed in Switzerland, subject you to a very cold temperature. This stimulates your stored fat to melt, which leads to sweating. This instantly gives you the appearance of a slimmer and tighter body that will only last for a day or two since the weight loss comes from the water that you sweated out. Basically, it’s an intense sauna.

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So why do our fab titas swear by it? Think of it as the finishing touch to their cardio classes and south beach diets. Regular exercise helps them tone muscles while dieting is the key to their weight loss. But what really gives them the satisfaction is the difference they see after a rigorous sweat session care of these wraps. Because why wait for a few months when you can speed up the process, right?


And while nothing beats a healthy diet and a gym membership to keep you fit, getting that extra push with the help of science certainly doesn’t hurt.

Read more about the Fat Mobilization System and other treatments at

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