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Slicked Vs. Pony

Which sporty style is more wearable?
Slicked Vs. Pony Which sporty style is more wearable?

Let's all be honest. This sportswear trend has gotten some of us a little bit confused as to what reads fashion and what just looks like you actually just got out of the gym. When it comes to hair styling, the answer is simple. Slicked back or tied up, sporty hair is all about keeping the hair off your face and swept into something neat yet seemingly unstyled.

While the curling iron has saved you on many days, to jump on this trend's bandwagon, skip the twirls and curls and opt for sleeker lines with smoothened tresses.

So with the sportified Preview Ball 2012 just a week away, we want to know: Which of these athletic styles catches your fancy? Click on the photo gallery to see how the cool girls about town are wearing each of the looks!

I'd love to wear my hair in a chic tight ponytail just like Anne Curtis.
A great medium between keeping hair off my face while still being fierce, slicked back locks will be the way to go for me, just like Liz Uy.
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