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Skip Your Lengthy Skincare Routine and Do This Instead

Sheet masks, anyone?
Skip Your Lengthy Skincare Routine and Do This Instead
Sheet masks, anyone?

Trying out a 10-step skin care routine K-beauty style is like going hiking for the first time. You’re not quite sure what you’re getting into, but the end results people post on Instagram look too good to be missed out on. Once you start though, you realize that it’s taking way too long, and then halfway through, you begin to question if all this trouble is still worth it.

Bottom line: a lengthy skin care routine is not for everyone. You need the endurance and patience. You basically have to spend 30 minutes patting stuff on your face to stay consistent. This doesn’t mean, however, that another way to get you smooth, hydrated, and glowing skin doesn’t exist.

You may be familiar with sheet masks—those white, essence-soaked cotton sheets that are in the same shape as your face (well, most of the time). It's usually recommended to use at least twice a week as a treat for your skin, like an at-home spa treatment. But our suggestion? Use one sheet mask every night instead! That way, you can even skip the lengthy steps involved in your nighttime routine 


Sheet masks are cheap, and you can buy them in bulk. You can always find boxes of five, 10, or more in a local drugstore for a good price. If you want them to pack a real punch, there are many brands with better ingredients that come with a slight price bump. After all, good skin is an investment.

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The time-saving benefits are also amazing. All you have to do is wash your face, tone, and then slap the sheet mask on while you chill before bed. While you do basically nothing, the sheet mask does your skincare routine for you. Fast, easy, and simple!

Here’s a how-to video from Korean fashion YouTuber Hanbyul who tried the one-sheet-mask-a-day regimen because of her dad (yes, her dad!) who got awesome, glowing skin from it.

It’s a great beauty routine that’s not only effective but also too convenient to pass up! We recommend this to the busy gals out there who can’t be bothered at all with skin care.

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