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Beauty Lab: Skin Perfect

A painless trip to the dermatologist? It's possible!
Beauty Lab: Skin Perfect A painless trip to the dermatologist? It's possible!

As a newly christened Style Bible beauty gal, I knew that sooner or later I’d find myself trying out a skin procedure or two. To jump start my initiation, I was assigned to try Skin Perfect’s Desincrustation Treatment, a toning procedure that involves a galvanic current in the removal of impurities.   

Though I’m no stranger to undergoing pain (it’s true, the vain don’t complain), the thought of extractions and pricking makes my eyes water. To my delight, my esthetician explained that there would be no pricking involved and proceeded to outline the procedure: a facial massage, gentle skin brushing, skin vacuuming, steaming, the galvanic treatment, and finally, a quick bask under a laser light to reduce redness and inflammation.

I was no stranger to the first few steps, but when it was time for the galvanic treatment, I was asked to hold a metal rod in my right hand. After witnessing many a cartoon character reduced to ashes after being exposed to electric shock, I dropped it like a hot potato. “Don’t be scared, ma’am, you’ll only experience a slight current,” she explained. She was right. The slight, almost indistinct tingling I experienced in my hand was outweighed by the slightly abrasive metal roller that was massaging my nose and chin (where most of my blackheads set up camp).


Putting a premium on relaxation, the facial felt like a spa experience more than a visit to the derma; until, that is, she brought out her trusty extractor. After seeing the fear in my eyes, my esthetician gently explained that the galvanic current is supposed to soften blackheads and whiteheads, making them easier to push out of the skin. I took a deep breath and allowed her to use the instrument of torture, expecting a battered face and watery eyes by the time I walked out the door. Again I was proved wrong by my neurosis, after employing a gentle touch, my extractions were over and I was on to the final step!

As I emerged from the clinic I felt like a new woman. My skin was smooth and silky without a blackhead bump in sight. I was told I had a glow; a healthy, well-rested one at that. As for my tear-swollen post-derma eyes, well, there was nary a tear involved. The biggest surprise was...(read the next line)

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